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Fiscal Year 2016 Research Total

In 2016, OSU CLA faculty submitted 39 proposals for $4.3 million in grant applications which led to $1.1 million in funded proposals.

2016 Highlights

  • David Bernell (School of Public Policy) secured funding ($45,340) from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) to bring Ambassador Thomas Graham to lecture for a Political Science course (PS 499/599 – Nuclear Arms Control and Non-Proliferation) taught in fall of 2015.  The Gazette Times picked up the story.  Dr. Bernell has secured funding from PNNL to bring in Ambassador Graham again for the same course for fall 2016, as well as additional funding to support work on two more projects: a textbook and a new course on nuclear proliferation
  • Anita Guerrini (School of History, Philosophy, and Religion) was funded by the National Science Foundation for a two-year project ($194,892).  The project “The Bone Collectors: Life, Death, and Commerce in Early Modern Europe” will support Dr. Guerrini’s research for a book on the ideas and practices of handling skeletal relics.
  • Christina Leon (School of Writing, Literature, and Film) was awarded a Residential Research Fellowship ($15,000) at the University of California Humanities Research Institute. Dr. Leon’s residency will allow her to complete her manuscript in progress, Opaque Desires: Queer, Latina/o Aesthetic Strategies, a project which conceptualizes a queer, Latina/o ethics of reading in literature, art, and theory, and helps to understand the political urgencies of cultural difference.
  • 17 CLA faculty were Co-PIs on 16 proposals submitted by faculty from other OSU colleges, totaling $85 million.

A Brief History of CLA Research at OSU

The CLA Research office put together a presentation that highlighted data collected by the OSU Reserach Office.  The report presented data on proposals and funded projects from 2004 to 2014 by funding year, by college, and by agency.  Click cla_research_stats.pdf (563.43 KB) to download the presentation.  If you have further questions, please feel free to contact CLA Research Program Manager, Eric Dickey.