We are not currently hiring ambassadors; we open the application process for new ambassadors winter term. If you are interested in more information please email Kerry Thomas, Kerry.Thomas@oregonstate.edu.

What is an Ambassador?

Ambassadors serve as liaisons between the college and prospective students and their families. Their main responsibility is to provide general information about the different departments in the college as well as answer questions about student life on campus. They also lend their assistance at on and off-campus recruiting events, assist in CLA outreach activities, and represent the CLA student body when meeting with faculty and alumni. Through the Ambassador Blog and active participation at CLA events, the Ambassadors aid in transitioning students smoothly through their first year at OSU.

What is required to be an Ambassador?

Students must:

Have at least one major in the College of Liberal Arts
Have a minimum 2.5 GPA
Have good people skills
Be comfortable speaking to a large audience of people
Be a team player
Be reliable

What do you get out of the Ambassador experience?

Network with university administrators, faculty and the community

Develop your public speaking skills both practiced and impromptu

Interpersonal communication and team building skills

Blog about your experiences as a CLA student

Represent the College and University in an official capacity

  • Leadership experience that you can list on your resume
  • Two (2) upper-division credits (LS 406) spring term 2012
  • A $300 scholarship for the academic year you serve as a CLA Ambassador

What is the time commitment for an Ambassador?

Enroll and participate in a two credit LS 406 Ambassador Leadership course that meets on Thursdays from 4:00-5:50 P.M. Spring term 2013
Participate in OSU CLA activities for the fall, winter, and spring (on average, about 60 hours per year)
Activities may include but are not limited to the following:

Beaver Open House
Fall Visits
Blogging for the College
Spring Visits
OSU Nights
CLA Graduation Reception
Matriculation Ceremony for first year students
Winter Welcome