Empty Bowl

About the Empty Bowls Project:

The Empty Bowls Project started in 1990 with a Michigan high school teacher and his students envisioning an event to raise funds for a local food drive. What started as a small class project spread across the nation as a benefit event module for alleviating food insecurity and hunger. The concept is simple: a group hosts an Empty Bowls benefit event in their community, where attendees pay a small donation fee and partake in a meal of soup and bread. Ceramic bowls created by local artists are an integral part of the event, symbolizing and reminding attendees of the food insecurity faced by so many on a daily basis. All raised funds are donated to a local, national, and/or international organization committed to the food insecurity movement.

About OSU's Empty Bowls Benefit:

This year's event is our 12th annual Empty Bowls and will once again benefit our very own campus food pantry, World of Good, and Fresh & Local, First! This year's even is sponsored by OSU Anthropology, Food in Culture and Social Justice (FCSJ), University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS), Human Service Resource Center (HSRC), Center for Civic Engagement (CCE), and Student Sustainability Initiative (SSI), but the bulk of the work planning and hosting the event is being undertaken by OSU students enrolled in FCSJ 406. Food Projects.

For Food Projects students, Empty Bowls provides a service-learning opportunity where knowledge learned in the classroom can be applied to make a difference on the ground and in their community. Hosting an Empty Bowls benefit event provides students with experience in doing food justice work. From project planning and conceptualization to the educational outreach and awareness-raising that are key elements of any Empty Bowls event, students learn hands-on topics taught in the classroom and in the process, experience the practical application of tools, methods, and theories to issues affecting humankind.

Our event features amazing soups provided by UHDS, but that's not the only reason to attend! In addition to musical entertainment, sparkling dinner conversation, and tours of the HSRC, attendees will have a chance to bid in our silent auction. We've got a lot of great donations already, with more to come! 

Tickets will be available for pre-sale at the HSRC (Avery Lodge 1030 SW Madison Ave.) Monday- Friday, 9am and 5pm, beginning in Week 7.


Please join us in the fight against hunger - Saturday, March 10th from 5-7pm in McNary Dining Center.