Photo of the author and his book cover

On-Campus Book Talk: Monday, October 30th at 2pm in Avery Lodge (1030 SW Madison Avenue, Corvallis)

Off-Campus Book Talk: Monday, October 30th at 7pm at Grass Roots Books & Music (227 SW 2nd Street, Corvallis)

Andrew Fisher has worked in the anti-hunger field for 25 years, as the executive director of national and local food groups, and as a researcher, organizer, professor, policy advocate and coalition builder. He has led successful efforts to gain passage of multiple pieces of federal food and nutrition legislation.

The 2016 election reminded us of the depth of economic insecurity across America, and of the political implications that come from ignoring this populist angst. The decline of Rust Belt communities since the 1980s has been paralleled by the rapid growth of food banks. Instead of challenging the government and corporations to provide living wages and good jobs, to support unions and oppose globalization, the anti-hunger movement has instead built alliances with Walmart, Tyson, and Monsanto, among other socially irresponsible companies. Big Hunger reveals the damage caused by this hunger-industrial complex, and offers a new vision for the anti-hunger movement to eliminate hunger through a focus on health, economic justice and local economies.

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This event is sponsored by OSU's Food in Culture and Social Justice Program and Human Services Resource Center, Slow Food Corvallis, and Grass Roots Books & Music.