Ryan Nall (PAC12 photo)

Pre-Comm Major Ryan Nall Receives Award for Community Engagement

Ryan Nall has been honored by Oregon Sports Awards for his work with youth.

Eva Mozes Kor points out herself in a picture taken during the liberation of Auschwitz

On Forgiveness and Dr. Mengele

Eva Mozes Kor will visit OSU on May 2nd to discuss surviving Auschwitz and Mengele, the importance of Holocaust education, and the value of forgiveness in reducing hatred and mass violence.

Creative Forest

The Creative Forest: A Cross-Discipline Collaboration

The Hopkins Demonstration Forest was the setting for The Creative Forest Project, a School of Arts & Communication collaboration that brought together students from art, music, theatre and new media communications, to work creatively in a forest setting.

New Long-Term Ecological Reflections Book Tells Forest Stories

Creative writers, artists and musicians riff on a research forest

Art students standing by A Step Above sculpture

Art Students Collaborate with Robotics Lab on New Art Installation

Students from Kerry Skarbakka’s Combined Media course in the art department worked with graduate students and faculty in the Dynamic Robotics Lab to create the concept for a new art installation in Graf Hall.

Best Short Film Thriller: "Whistle". Oregon Independent Film Festival, 2015

Perry Grone (DCA graduate) and Austin Hodaie (DCA major) receive award for Best Short Film Thriller!

Perry Grone, DCA Graduate, and Austin Hodaie, DCA Major, bring home award for Best Short Film Thriller from the Oregon Independent Film Festival of 2015.

Tom Bie on Christmas Island

Drawing a Fishing Community Together

With his Drake Magazine, Tom Bie has created a community of people who love the outdoors.