Students listen to the research work being done by their colleagues


Ethnic Studies Now! A Student Research Symposium

Oregon State University students and students from University of Oregon, Western Washington University, and Portland State University gathered together on Friday, May 12, 2017 to present to one another their research in various areas of Ethnic Studies. 

The energy in the room from the very start was strong and joyful.  Students and faculty connected immediately to what each other was saying.  And the student presentations were so well written and delivered that I had trouble remembering I was listening to students and not their faculty.  This, of course, speaks to the Ethnic Studies faculty and their ability to bring students to this point, and also to the students who have put in the hard work and commitment to their work.

Subject matter and the research were all over the map - as it must be to represent the complexity and range of this discipline.  Below are photos of the events with titles of research papers and authors were possible.


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Luhui Whitebear Luhui Whitebear of Oregon State University presents "Indigenous & Black Solidarity Through Intergenerational Activism"


Cristof Frausto, OSU getting ready to present his researchCristof Frausto, Oregon State University, looks over the program with Jason Tena-Encarnacion, Oregon State University.


Alexandro Fierro-StephensAlexandro Fierro-Stephens, University of Oregon, presents
"Why Pro-Blackness is Perceived as Anti-Whiteness."


Elena Ramirez
Elena Ramirez presenting "Sosteniendo La Memoria"


  Audience listening to presentationsAudience members listening to the student presentations.

Dr. Marta Maldonado and others listening to presentationsMarta Maldonado

Marwah Al-Jilani presenting her paper

Marwah Al-Jilani, Oregon State University, presenting
"Taking Up Space: Creating Platforms for Students of Color Activisims Within Predominantly White Institutions."

Abel Cerros presenting his paper

Abel Cerros, University of Oregon, presenting "Re-Drawing Our Histories Through Codices."

Dr. Natchee Barnd and Kailani

Dr. Natchee Barnd hanging out with Kailani, the daughter of Jason Tena-Encarnacion, a grad student in Ethnic Studies, presenting at the symposium.

Audience member listening to presentations

An audience member listening to the student presentations.

Cristof Frausto

Cristof Frausto, Oregon State University, presenting "Hispanc/Latinx and Disabilities: Intersectional Indentities."


Alexandro Fierro-Stephens and Jasmine Armas

(L) Angelica Paz Ortiz, Portland State University presents "Temporal Resistance of White Supremacy: A Queer of Color Critique" and (R) Malik Ensley, Oregon State University presents "Applying Radical Imagination."


Robert Thompson















Robert Thompson

Isamar Chavez, Mehra Shirazi, Marta Maldonado

















Isamar Chavez, Mehra Shirazi, Marta Maldonado MartaMaldonado 



Aleiya Evison presenting her paperAleiya Evison, University of Oregon, presenting "Design Thinking and Social Change: Creativity as Strategy in Anti-Racist Community Organizing."




Alex Riccio

Alex Riccio, Oregon State University, presenting "Everday Movement Against Capitalism."




Ron Mize, Bradley Boovy

Dr. Ron Mize and Dr. Bradley Boovy listening to presentations.