World Languages and Cultures Program: “German Beer Culture: Production, Consumption, and Cultural Significance”

OSU faculty: Bradley Boovy (, Sebastian Heiduschke (, Kara Ritzheimer (

WHAT: A short­-term, faculty­-led study abroad trip from Munich through Bamberg, ‘Franconian Switzerland’, and Bad Köstritz (Thuringia) to Berlin

WHEN: Orientation (2 hrs.) end of March. June 15­-19 Obligatory Prep course (3 CR). June 24- July 2 Study Abroad Trip (1­3 CR)

WHO: At least Sophomore standing with a current GPA of 3.0. No German knowledge necessary. This study abroad trip fulfils the study abroad requirement for German majors. Between 10­-15 students

COST: Approximately $1900 (includes lodging, transport, and all meals) plus airfare and personal expenses

LODGING: Hostels and small hotels, each room shared by two students

TRANSPORTATION: Predominantly by train. Portions of the trip may be on a mini­bus.

PLANNED ACTIVITIES: Brewing seminar with German brewers in Munich or Bamberg;brewery tours in Bamberg; small villages in Franconia, Bad Köstritz and Berlin’ interviews with brewers and brewery workers in Bamberg, Bad Köstritz and Berlin; visits to malt factory Weyermann; cultural presentations by experts; hiking and outdoor activities in ‘Franconian Switzerland’ and surrounding areas; student presentations on cultural and historical aspects of beer in Germany

HOW TO APPLY: Send a brief essay of about 300 words no later than March 11 by email to the faculty in charge using this application form. Your essay should address the following: a) Why are you interested in this study abroad trip? b) What are you expecting to learn? c) How will you contribute to the study abroad trip? d) Have you studied or traveled outside the US before? If so, when and where? e) Do you have a current passport valid at least until January 2016?

TENTATIVE CALENDAR ­ Activities are subject to change at anytime

June 24           Arrival by noon in Munich (MUC) and transfer by suburban train to city center. Check in to Jaeger’s Hostel. City bike tour, beergarden visit.

June 25           Traditional White Sausage breakfast at Weißes Brauhaus, visit of the Hofbräuhaus. Potential visit to Andechs brewery. Potential beer brewing seminar. Visit of Augustiner Brew Hall or Augustiner Beer Garden.

June 26           Morning train to Bamberg. Check in to hostel Jugendgästehaus am Kaulberg. Tour and lunch at Keesmann Brewery. Afternoon tour at Weyermann with beer expert Markus Raupach. Evening tour and dinner at Schlenkerla (traditional smoke beer).

June 27          Day trip to Franconian Switzerland and beer seminar by Markus Raupach. Visits to Beer “Cellars” and breweries. Afternoon visit to the Jeans Museum and dinner in Buttenheim, hometown of Levi Strauss.

June 28           Morning train to Bad Köstritz. Check in to Hotel Goldener Löwe. Tour and seminar at Köstritzer craft brewery. Afternoon student presentations and reflections. Dinner at Goldener Löwe.

June 29           Morning train to Berlin. Check in to Ostel. Currywurst lunch. Afternoon visit to microbrewery.

June 30           City tour of Berlin. Visit to microbrewery. Evening seminar.

July 1              Sightseeing in Berlin. Visit to microbrewery. Student presentations. Final debriefing. Farewell party.

July 2              Student departure from Berlin