Sarah Fuller

Biographical Information

Name: Sarah Fuller
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Undergraduate Institution: Willamette University (Salem, OR)
Hometown: Walla Walla, WA
GTA Position: Leadership Development | Student Leadership & Involvement 

Why Oregon State University CSSA?: I chose CSSA based on recommendation, program structure, and location. I knew I wanted to create a professional life on the west coast, so it made sense to choose a program that would allow me to network with folks who could potentially become my colleagues. I really appreciate the fact that the program offers a variety of full assistantships, providing students with hands-on learning experiences and opportunities to apply some of the things we learn in our classes. The most compelling reason I chose the program was the recommendations given by friends, mentors, and colleagues. People love CSSA and OSU, and it was that dedication and admiration for the program that ultimately brought me here. 

A little bit about me

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah Fuller. I've lived in California, Washington, and Oregon, so at this point in my life I like to say that I'm simply from "The West Coast," although I am particularly fond of the Pacific Northwest. I am also fond of nerdy literature (I know a lot about the magical universe created by JK Rowling), crocheting, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU for short), reading things that make me feel (happy, sad, angry, all the things), hanging out with people who make me laugh (like my partner), and playing board or card games. In short, I'm a huge nerd.

I love student affairs because the field lets me to work with people, provides countless opportunities for enhancing my sense of empathy, and allows me to fight for social justice through education, a broader field to which I have always been drawn. After graduating from Willamette in 2014, I gained two years of experience in student affairs, working in college activities and Greek Life before beginning the CSSA program at OSU. Other student affairs-related experiences I had while in college included: being a member of Greek life, working as an orientation leader, educating others on sexual health through the campus wellness center, and working in the office of admission. My future career interests vary, although I see myself doing work that creates long-lasting, sustainable change that will help to create more inclusive environments that will challenge and support students during their journey to adulthood.

I am a feeler, so when it came time to choose a graduate program, it was important to me that my graduate program: believed in me and the impact I could make on the future, challenged me to become my best self from which to perform my future work, and had a deep, uncompromised understanding for the importance of social justice in higher education. I am incredibly pleased with the CSSA program because it fulfills all three of those needs and more. The cohort model is a source of unending support, empathy, and love, and I can't wait to see the way in which we will change the world for future students.