WGSS Global Experience Work in London

Dr. Susan Shaw is leading students through London during Winter break.

Geoarchaeological Collaboration

Dr. Loren Davis working at Paisley Caves

Engineering Music

Director of music technology Shawn Trail's collaboration helps computer science student Daren Keck create his own instrument.

Discovery Lecture Series

The Wild Life: Discovery Lecture Series features bestselling author Cheryl Strayed

Art meets Engineering

OSU's School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science form new "CreateIT Collaboratory"

Jon Lewis: 2015 University Honors College Eminent Professor Award

Congratulations to film studies professor Jon Lewis, who has been selected co-recipient of the 2014 University Honors College Eminent Professor Award.

Western Stemmed Tradition

PSAL researchers are working to better understand the Western Stemmed Tradition and its place in the Peopling of the Americas

A Mentor's Mentor

In early February, the School of Arts and Communication will present a mini residency with Florida State University Professor Clifford Madsen. An expert on perception and cognition in music, Madsen will present three sessions open to all OSU students: A P

Engineering Music

Daren Keck (left) created his own electronic musical instrument under the guidance of Shawn Trail, director of performance technology (right).