[from Corvallis Gazette-Times and Albany Democrat-Herald]

June 08, 2014 7:30 am  By Canda Fuqua


Giving Due to the Marginalized

They say history is written by the victors.

The archives mention the marginalized only in passing — if at all — and what little remains today of their history and contributions are told through the lens of those who marginalized them.

It is with that premise that Professor Natchee Barnd and four Oregon State University graduate students in his ethnohistory methodology course set out to give voice and context to underrepresented people of Corvallis’ history.

Using a mix of creative storytelling techniques and historical research, the students on Wednesday led a group of nearly 50 people on the Social Justice Tour of Corvallis, connecting the crowd with the narratives in a very concrete way....


...Read the full text and view the slide show at the original Gazette-Times link here:

To take a limited, self-guided version of the Social Justice Tour in Corvallis, use a smart phone to visit the website (http://tiny.cc/TourCorvallis). The application will sense your proximity to one of the five stops along the tour and trigger some of the historical photos and snippets of narratives to pop up.