David Robinson

SWLF celebrates the career of Distinguished Professor David Robinson, who has retired from OSU. The holder of the Oregon Professorship in English, Robinson is the author of five monographs and three edited collections on American literary and religious culture, including Natural Life: Thoreau’s Worldly Transcendentalism (Cornell University Press, 2004); World of Relations: The Achievement of Peter Taylor (University Press of Kentucky, 1998); Emerson and the Conduct of Life (Cambridge University Press, 1993); and Apostle of Culture: Emerson as Preacher and Lecturer (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1982). More than fifty published articles have appeared in venues ranging from multi-authored collections to PMLA, American Literature, and American Literary History.
Professor Robinson was awarded a Faculty Excellence Award for Teaching by the Oregon State Board of Higher Education, and the Distinguished Service Award by the Ralph Waldo Emerson Society, in addition to teaching as a Fulbright Guest Professor at the University of Heidelberg in 1985.
Thank you, Professor Robinson, for your dedication to both students and scholarship at Oregon State. You will be missed!