ES351 Field Trip

ES 351: Ethnic Minorities in Oregon had the unique opportunity to support an event called South Corvallis Community Celebration, organized by Willamette Neighborhood Housing Services, a local non-profit.  Not only did the 24 students volunteer their time to the many booths at the event, they also were required to read "Redesigning a Neighborhood Park to Increase Physical Activity: A Community-Based Participatory Approach" beforehand.  The class explores a diverse range of course materials which allow students to learn about the ethnic and regional diversity in Oregon throughout its history.  This particular event highlighted the diverse community in south Corvallis which came together to transform a local park into a safe and fun place for families to gather.


Donna - journalist
Donna Armstrong, the class journalist  

Student 1

student 2 

There were many ways for the students to volunteer.



Van driver
The van driver in mortal danger!!!!

es students         

students helping

People at the event were encouraged to create a logo for the future of their community.


the issues


students es

Voting on issues which are important to the community and would be utilized in the future to develop policies.

Dr. Lopez Cevallos and colleagues


art           picture



 van ride

Fortunately, the van driver was saved from imminent death by dinosaur and was able to drive the students back to campus.

van ride 2