Meet the team!

The College of Liberal Arts Student Ambassadors ‘tell their stories’ to prospective students and their parents in a variety of on- and off-campus recruiting events. They strive to present the ‘student face’ of the college and share their knowledge and love of their academic and extracurricular interests at Oregon State University.

Whether you are a prospective, first year or continuing student, we hope to see you at our next event!

Annie Lesny

Annie Lesny – Senior, Psychology

Jimmy Spiegelberg

Jimmy Spiegelberg – Senior, Speech Communication

Syazwan Shatri

Syazwan Shatri – Junior, Economics
Colin Myatt
Colin Myatt – Senior, History

Sarah Settimo

Sarah Settimo – Junior, Religious Studies/Political Science

Emma Johnstone

Emma Johnstone – Senior, Liberal Studies

DeShaun Gomez

DeShaun Gomez – Senior, Sociology

Carol Moreno

Carol Moreno – Junior, Political Science

Erik Chavez

Erik Chavez – Junior, Speech Communication

Max Winer

Max Winer – Sophomore, Religious Studies/Music Production

Keana Pigg

Keana Pigg – Junior, Digital Communication Arts

Nathan Diebel

Nathan Diebel – Sophomore, History/Anthropology