Professors and Instructors in NMC have the capacity to grant registration overrides as they see fit. In order to request an override for an NMC course, please fill out the Override Request Form via Google Forms.

information regarding the NMC override process

  • If you are requesting overrides for multiple classes, submit a separate form for each class.
  • Overrides for capacity and prerequisites are RARELY given.
  • You will be notified of the department decision via ONID email.
  • If you are approved, you still need to login to your MyOSU account to register for the class.
  • If you are asking for approval for NMC 406, NMC 409, or NMC 410, please do not fill out this form. Instead, please submit the appropriate Proposal Form.

Information on override types

You will need to indicate which overrides you need on the Google Form. Please read below to determine which overrides are applicable to your situation. You can indicate more than one override if necessary.

  • CAP: A Capacity Override is needed if a class that you wish to register for is already full.
  • CLA: A Class Level Override is needed if a class is restricted to a class standing that you do not belong to (e.g. a sophomore interested in class restricted to seniors).
  • COL: A Major or College Override is needed if you are not a DCA major or NMC minor.
  • PREQ: A Prerequisite Override is needed if you do not have the necessary prerequisite for a certain class.
  • SAPR: Special Approval is required for certain NMC classes (e.g. NMC 498). It is also required for all Week 2 adds.

If you are still unsure which overrides you need to select, please email the NMC Advisor.