Leadership Team:

Ron Mize
– Director

Ronald L. Mize is an Associate Professor in the School of Language, Culture, and Society. He was formerly the Associate Director of the National Latino Research Center at CSU-San Marcos and has previously taught sociology, ethnic studies, and Latin@ Studies courses at Humboldt State University, Cornell University, University of Saint Francis, University of California San Diego, Southwestern Community College, and University of Wisconsin Rock County. He was trained in journalism at University of Colorado Boulder (B.S. - 1991) and pursued advanced degrees in Sociology at Colorado State University (M.A. - 1994) and Sociology and Rural Sociology at University of Wisconsin Madison (Ph.D. - 2000). He is the co-author of Latino Immigrants in the United States and Consuming Mexican Labor: From the Bracero Program to NAFTA in addition to 40 scholarly publications. Mize is fifth-generation Mexican-American on his mother's side and is originally from Denver, Colorado though his family traces their ancestry to northern New Mexico since at least 1820.



Kathryn McIntosh Ciechanowski- Associate Director of Research

Assistant Professor of Cultural & Linguistic Diversity in OSU's School of Education. Her current research focuses on social justice, bilingualism in schools, content area language and literacy for English language learners, in- and out-of-school learning in science and social studies, and teacher education at the intersections of STEM and cultural/linguistic diversity.




Loren Chavarria - Associate Director of Engagement

A native woman from Mexico City, she has been a faculty member in the Department of World Languages and Cultures since 1996. She developed the Spanish for Heritage Language Learners Program at Oregon State University. Hundreds of Latin@ students have benefited from participating in this warm and welcoming space where they have strengthened their linguistic abilities while systematically exploring their cultural identity. Loren’s desire to better serve Latin@ students steered her into the field of immigration studies first, and into collaboration with various community organizations serving the Spanish-speaking population through the Willamette Valley. In an effort to encourage students of Spanish to use their language skills to discover and serve the growing Spanish-speaking communities around them, she co-facilitated seven learning communities conducted in Spanish. This model steps away from familiar educational paradigms and is built around elements of critical pedagogy theory and current research on student engagement and success. Loren was central in developing a service-learning component for each learning community allowing learners to make important connections between theory, knowledge and experience. It also prepared them for culturally appropriate engagement with Spanish speakers at home and abroad. As the new Assistant Director of Engagement for CL@SE, Loren is looking forward to the opportunity to spend time with Latin@ communities across the State of Oregon. She wants to take the time to know them in order to serve them efficiently. She also wants to support all efforts to make a college education accessible to Latin@ youth. She wants to see more and more Latin@s entering a University, obtaining a solid education, and returning to their communities to give back and to open new doors.
Ana Gomez, Associate Director of Outreach, Eastern Oregon

Television arrived in Colombia, the birth place of Ana Gomez, during the 1950s. It revolutionized the small towns and large cities. It  managed to convince everyone to watch it, even those who preferred books. Many thought it was a wonderful invention, but it also served as a hyper-efficient transmitter of stereotypical beliefs and attitudes. The business of television found a successful formulashowing scenes of rich and poor countries and making peoplebelievethat the world looked like on the screen.  In 1996 Ana went to Europe on a trip and while meeting people she realized that the world considered Latin America as a jungle full of danger and poverty. After returning to Colombia she became particularly critical of the ignorance and stereotyping she had discovered on her trip. Over the years she found herself valuing others in the same way, rapid and superficially. In a world where the only constant is the beauty of diversity this ignorance is unforgivable. Fortunately, there is a remedy to combat prejudice: books, travel, the exchange of ideas and friends. “We are all the same and we are all different. What great friends we will be.” ― Kelly Moran, The Tiny Caterpillar and the Great Big Tre. "10 years ago I met my husband. Having a multicultural relationship is always full of surprises. Because of him I came to live in this country. Oregon became my home and I love it!”A mixture of wanting to know other cultures of the world, to enjoy magical places like Latin America, to live the experience of being an immigrant, to work in education helping children and their families to dream big, to live in rural Oregon, to have colleagues who value diversity all combine to make this a special time for Ana to join CL@SE! She is very fortunate to have this opportunity! 



Magali Ayala Student Office Assistant

Magali is a Senior at Oregon State University, majoring in Human Services within the College of Human Development & Family Science. She comes from the small town of Nyssa, OR, where she graduated from high school and participated in the SMILE program. During her freshman year at OSU she enjoyed her time in the CAMP program. After graduating in 2015 she hopes to persue her dream of becoming a Social Worker, where she'll get to work with children and help people.




Nancy Lopez Student Office Assistant

Nancy is a Senior at Oregon State University, double majoring in Public Health and Human Development and Family Science. She was born and raised in Hood River, Oregon where she was an active volunteer around her community, promoting awareness. She was a former CAMP student her freshman year at OSU, where she was given skills and resources to be a successful first generation college student. She enjoys spending her time volunteering for organizations such as, Global Brigades Public Health. This organization is dedicated to help countries who are at risk of illness/disease, that are preventable through awareness and accessibility to resources. After graduating from Oregon State, Nancy will be applying to the Peace Corps to continue her passion of serving countries who are high at risk of preventable illnesses/diseases.





Karla Oseguera- Student Office Assistant 

Karla is a Junior at Oregon State University, majoring in Business Finance. She’s from the small town of Tangent, Oregon, but attended school in Albany where she graduated as valedictorian of her class and was active in community service as a member of the National Honor Society. She now hopes to be equally involved and successful at Oregon State, and in the future plans on starting a career in financial management.



Marco Lujan, Student Office Assistant

Marco is a Senior at Oregon State University, majoring in Chemistry with Chemical engineering. He is from Murray, Utah, and moved to Corvallis to attend Oregon State University after getting his associate’s degree from Portland Community College. After graduating in 2015 Marco plans to go to graduate school for physical chemistry, so that he may work in the field of energy research.