Portland’s eateries and bars have become a highlight of Cine-Lit conferences.  This city offers all of the traditional tastes of the world but with a modern Oregon twist.

You should not leave Portland without treating yourself to a lunch or dinner at one of the establishments listed below:

Jake’s Famous Crawfish

401 SW 12th St. (corner of SW Stark St.)

Guy Wood’s absolute favorite Portland restaurant.  Best fresh fish and seafood in Oregon.


South Park

901 SW Salmon St.

A short walk down Park Avenue from the PSU campus.  South Park is a Cine-Lit favorite.  Find a table near the bar and enjoy.



1239 SW Broadway

Another Cine-Lit favorite.  The bar is small but the atmosphere is great.  Try the appetizers, but don’t brother with the restaurant.


Jake’s Grill

611 SW 10th (Adjacent to the Historic Governor Hotel)

Don’t confuse it with Jake’s Famous Crawfish.  It is a distant second, but it’s a classic in Portland.


Heathman Hotel

Right on Broadway

The bar has good appetizers and the restaurant serves a great breakfast.


Veritable Quandary

1220 SW 1st Avenue

Small, charming, great food and really, really good breakfasts.


Hot Lips Pizza

1909 SW 6th

Great place for a slice of pizza and a glass of beer between sessions.


Huber’s Café

411 SW 3rd Avenue

Another Portland classic.  Out late?  Try an Irish coffee there.


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