Norma Seibert poster 2016Since before the Renaissance, interested members of the community have been coming together to patronize the arts. In Florence, the Medici family collected the works of artists like Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo, and in doing so supported these artists and their apprentices in their workshops.  Through the Norma Seibert Printmaking Scholarship, you have a similar opportunity to support aspiring artists at Oregon State University and receive valuable and beautiful artwork for your home.

Who was Norma Seibert?
As a grandmother in her 60’s Norma Seibert, OSU 1926, returned to Oregon State to pursue her love of printmaking, where she soon grew to become a favorite of the faculty and students.

Supporting the program she loved, Norma Seibert contributed funds to buy new printmaking equipment and created an endowment to support students.

How the Program Works
Every year, the art department seeks out an accomplished and professional artist/printmaker, who creates a special, limited –edition print for the patrons of the Noirma Seibert Printmaking Scholarship. These artists, who come from as far as Europe and as close as the Northwest, have included John Rock, Gordon Gilkey, Paul Gunn and Others.

Each year, the most proficient student printmakers at Oregon State compete for the scholarship. The student with the most impressive portfolio wins, and by accepting the scholarship, agrees to create a limited-edition print - often his/her best work to date – as a thank you which all annual patron receive.

Over the past 30 years, several Norma Seibert Scholarship recipients have gone on to become accomplished, professional artists and their work has been featured in many galleries and museums all across the Northwest and beyond. A few have been asked to provide a set of prints as the professional artist featured in our Norma Seibert Scholarship Program.

Becoming a Patron
To become a patron, you must make a minimum annual contribution to the Norma Seibert Printmaking Fund. You will be invited to Patron Night, where you will have the opportunity to meet the pupil supported by the scholarship, see a brief presentation on the work of featured artist, and receive the professional and student art prints.

Although patrons aren’t required to participate year after year, many do. As a regular patron, you have the opportunity to collect a broad variety of prints, and each year will have new prints to hang in your home or office.

Beyond the pleasure of collecting and enjoying art, you will have the satisfaction of knowing your passion for art is helping aspiring artists to explore and discover the techniques of printmaking, while also building a rich and vibrant arts community.

We invite you to become a patron of Oregon State University’s printmaking program. Please complete the current patron form which includes details about this year’s professional artist, student scholarship recipient and the date and location for the patron night.


Past Contributing Artists

For more information please call or write:
Yuji Hiratsuka
Norma Seibert Patron Program
School of Arts & Communication - Art
Oregon State University
214 Fairbanks Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331-3702