East Comes West: Prints from Atelier Outotsu

January 2 - February 1 2018

East comes West is a two-part exhibition of prints from the Japanese printmaking studio Atelier Outotsu. 115 prints from 29 artists are currently on display in the Fairbanks Gallery of Art and the Memorial Union Concourse Gallery. Atelier Outotsu is a non-profit printmaking workshop founded in 1975 by Ritsu Kanno who studied etching at the Atelier 17 in Paris and was influenced by S.W. Hayter. The studio is in a city called Nishinomiya which is located between Osaka and Kobe. Atelier Outotsu has been a place where a community of artists explore the creative potential of printmaking by sharing technical experiences and creative ideas. The Atelier mainly specializes in the intaglio printmaking process but also offers other printmaking processes such as lithography, relief and monotype printing. It has organized a number of printmaking shows for its members. These shows include international exhibitions in France and India. The Atelier also shows member’s and guest artists work in their gallery and offers a residency program.

Reception: January 10, 5-6pm Fairbanks Gallery of Art

Presentation by OSU Printmaking Professor Yuji Hiratsuka: January 10, 6-8pm MU Journey rm.