NMC 410 Internship

You can count up to six credits of Internship (NMC 410) towards your DCA major. Three credits of internship can be used to meet the NMC 409 Practicum requirement. Students can seek out internships by contacting companies directly, or by contacting the NMC Internship Coordinator, Jeff HaleFor more information about Internships & Projects e-mail Jeff Hale for an appointment. Oregon State's Career Development Center assists students and alumni in finding a job. 

NMC 409 Practicum

You can count up to six credits of Practicum (NMC 409) towards your DCA major. NMC 409 is a practicum course that students in the major must complete in order to graduate. Each practicum course offers variable credit, worth at least one credit. A minimum of three credits over at least two terms is required in order to complete the three credit requirement. 

Orange Media Network

  • Department approval is needed prior to completing the practicum course. The first Wednesday of each new term there is a meeting at KBVR TV in Snell Hall for all students interested in taking a practicum course with Orange Media Network. It is highly reccomended to attend the Practicum Fair to learn what opportunities are availiable and for departmental approval to gain access to register for the course.
  • Student wishing to complete a student media practicum will need to speak with Orange Media Network located in 210 Memorial Union East (Snell Hall).

Campus Media

  • Dr. Bill Loges is the faculty supervisor of the campus media practicum. Departmental and faculty approval is required to register for this course. A Campus Media Practicum Proposal form must be completed prior to department approval. Please click here to access the Campus Media Practicum Proposal form and fill this form out completely before turning it in for review.
  • Planning a Practicum: 

    Make an appointment with the academic advisor to discuss if your situation/job qualifies.

  • Prior to the Practicum term:

    1. Fill out a Practicum Proposal. On that form you'll be asked to describe your learning objectives or outcomes of the practicum in the work you do;
    2. Credits earned: This is between you and your supervisor. One credit is awarded for every 3 hours of work per week over 10 weeks. 30 hours = 1 credit;
    3. Obtain the signature of your direct job supervisor; 
    4. Bring completed form back to the NMC main office to Dr. Loges.
  • Registration prior to the Pracitcum term: 

    If Dr. Loges approves the proposal, register for NMC 409 Campus Media. Dr. Loges in the professor of record for this.

  • During the Practicum term:

    Conduct yourself professionally as you are a representative of the New Media Communications program, and of your peers.

  • By Week 8 of the Practicum term:

    You'll need:

    Once Dr. Loges receives the evaluation form a grade will be reported.