Berenger........... Thomas R McKean

Jean........... Kyle Stockdall

Waitress/Butterfly........... Sarah Wagner

Mrs. Shopowner/Old Woman........... Wendy Zhang

Mr. Shopowner/Fireman........... Srimanyu Ganapathineedi

Logician ........... Max Morter

Cafe Owner/Fireman........... Shawntae Harris
Logic Student/Old Man........... Daniel Bordenave

Lady With Cat/Mrs. Beouf........... Bria Love Robertson
Daisy........... Genesis Hansen

Lumpen........... Nate Pereira

Stinger........... Cole Haenggi

Thank you to all who auditioned for your time and energy. Look out for upcoming OSU Theatre auditions for The Taming and 1984.

Cast – you will be contacted soon about our first cast reading November 29 at 6:30 pm in the Lab Theatre. If this is your first time being cast for OSU Theatre please contact DeMara Cabrera about getting your measurements done ASAP (demara.cabrera@oregonstate.edu).



If there are any questions please contact Elizabeth Helman at Elizabeth.Helman@oregonstate.edu 




Berenger – Male, your average functioning alcoholic

Daisy – Female, nice lady, object of her coworkers affection

Jean – a ‘pompous, neurotic, volatile, ridiculously self-indulgent man.’

Roles will probably be doubled as indicated:

Cat Lady/Mrs.Boeuf – Female

Logician/Lumpen – Male

Logic Student/Old Man

Café Owner/Stinger - Male

Waitress/Mrs. Butterfly - Female

Shop Owner/Fireman

Shop Owner/Old Woman



Auditions for Oregon State University Theatre’s Winter Lab production of The Taming will be held November 27-28 at 6:30 pm in the Withycombe Lab Theatre. The Lab Theatre is located in Withycombe Hall on the OSU Corvallis Campus, 30th and Campus Way.


The Taming by Lauren Gunderson is inspired by Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew and calls upon the audience to take a "Tense Sexy Partisan Pause" in their everyday understanding of politics in order to examine the way America has shaped and re-shaped its constitution. Its focus is on the role of women in contemporary American government, bipartisanship, the founding fathers, and lots of pageantry.


NOTE: This show deals with topics of queerness and as such actors must be willing to be open and accepting of the material presented. PATRICIA must be willing to appear "pantsless" most of the show. This script contains profanity in every role.


The cast is comprised of 3 roles, each of which will portray 2-3 characters. The roles are as follows:


PATRICIA, aide to Senator Peter Baxter (R-GA), so conservative. 30s. Also plays JAMES MADISON, 1787.


BIANCA, Southern hipster activist, so liberal. 30s. Also plays INTERN, sweet, Southern good-girl intern. Also CHARLES PICKNEY, 1787.


KATHERINE, passionate Southern belle/pageant winner/mastermind. 20s. Also plays GEORGE and MARTHA WASHINGTON, 1787. And DOLLEY MADISON (which is just MARTHA with a brown wig).


Actors should be prepared for physical movement and wear comfortable, movement-appropriate clothing and footwear. We will begin with some light stretching and warm-up activities followed by readings from the script. Please be prepared to demonstrate any (non-musical) special talents at auditions (eg. magic tricks, baton twirling, tap dancing, etc).


Please have any known conflicts ready at the time of auditions. ALL ACTORS MUST BE AT TECH, DRESS, AND EVERY SHOW. Tech/dress rehearsals are February 10-14 and performances are February 15-18. We will have a read-through depending on the cast's schedules before winter break and auditions beginning the first week of Winter Term. Regular rehearsals will be Sundays 2-6 and Mondays-Thursdays 6-10 beginning January 8.


Scripts are available for checkout prior to auditions in WIthycombe 141. Auditioners are strongly encouraged to read pages 8-9, 11-12, 20, 23-24, and 30 or the entire play if possible beforehand.


For questions please contact PJ Harris at harripat@oregonstate.edu .