Abritty Abdullah

MA Program
Chair: Dr. Liddy Detar

Research: Hijra/Third Gender identity in South Asia, Women of color feminism, Sex Trafficking in South Asia, Transnational film and media studies

MA: Applied Linguistics and ELT, University of Dhaka

BA: English Language and Literature, University of Dhaka

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Khatera Afghan

PhD Program, 2nd Year
Chair: Dr. Mehra Shirazi

Research: Social justice education, identity politics, and political activism

MPA: Master of Public Administration, Ohio University

BA: Liberal Arts, The American University of Afghanistan

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Phebean Anuoluwapo Adekunle

MA Program
Chair: Dr. Patti Duncan

Research: Healing processes adopted by survivors of gender-based violence in Nigeria

BA: Classics and Classical Languages, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria

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Yamilet Alas

MA Program


Nasim Basiri

PhD Program

Gabrielle Boyle

MA Program
Chair: Dr. Liddy Detar

Research: Dance, queer culture, drag culture

BA: Interdisciplinary Studies, Western Oregon University

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Tami Fawcett

MA Program
Chair: Dr. Patti Duncan

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Robin Fifita

MAIS Program


Kali Furman

PhD Program, 2nd Year
Chair: Dr. Nana Osei-Kofi

Research: Feminist pedagogy and social justice education

MA: Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Certificate in College and University Teaching, Oregon State University

BA: History, Boise State University

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Sanju Gharti Chhetri G C

MA Program
Chair: Dr. Nana Osei-Kofi

Research: Queer representations within Hindu Theology: A Site of inquiry on Current Heteronormative Paradigms of Sexuality in Nepal

”My research explores the existence of alternate forms of sexualities within Hindu theology and seeks to challenge the overt heteronormative paradigm found within the current mainstream Nepali societal structure. The study aims to open avenues for more meaningful conversations about queer identities and fluid notions of sexuality in the context of Nepal and the way queer people in Nepal question and resist oppressive norms.”

MA: Sociology, Tribhuvan University

BA: Social Work, Kathmandu University

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Cassandra Hall

MA Program
Chair: Dr. Bradley Boovy

Research: Parenthood, crip theory, queer studies, children’s media, affect

BA: Gender and Ethnic Studies, California Polytechnic University, Pomona

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Andrea Haverkamp

PhD Program, Minor

Major Field: Environmental Engineering
Chairs: Dr. Michelle Bothwell & Dr. Devlin Montfort

Minor Field: Queer Studies
Advisor: Dr. Qwo-Li Driskill

Research: Engineering education, social justice, indigenous sovereignty, environmental activism and demographics and climates regarding race, gender, sexuality, disability and the identity of 'engineer' and work labeled as engineering.

"I am researching and developing feminist analysis of the engineering institution in America. I conceptualize the engineering profession and identity within a systems of oppression framework - with the foundations of the profession rooted in capitalism, militarism, settler colonialism, and white masculinity. I also research identity development, negotiation, and severance among non-dominant individuals within engineering education."

MEng: Environmental Engineering, Oregon State University

BS: Chemical Engineering, University of Kansas

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Lzz Johnk

PhD Program, 1st Year


Sasha Khan

PhD Program, 1st Year


Reshma Koroth

MA Program
Chair:  Dr. Patti Duncan

Research: State Violence in the Context of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) in the Northeastern States of India; Transnational Feminisms

"My research examines the interconnection between the undemocratic ideals on nationalism which led to the enactment of Armed force special powers Act (AFSPA) in the North Eastern states of India and the protests especially in one of the Indian campuses to restore the right to dissent and the state owned violence in the context of India."

MA: Calicut University (Gender Studies)

MPhil: Hyderabad Central University (Gender Studies)

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Maria Lenzi Miori

MA Program


Rebecca J. Lambert

PhD Program, 2nd Year
Chair: Dr. Larry Roper

Research: Anti-Racist Feminist Organizing, Affect Theory, Coalition Building

MA: Gender and Women’s Studies, Minnesota State University, Mankato

BA: Public Affairs, Indiana University

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Andrés López

PhD Program, 1st Year