Students who have completed first-year university Spanish are eligible to apply to participate in the Chillán program.The program allows students to complete the entire second-year sequence Spanish in a single term. This program was especially designed to allow OSU students seeking a BA degree to satisfy the second language requirement and to have a study-abroad experience.  

Chile, Chillán is a midsize town with a population of about 150,000 located in central Chile, about 5 hours south of Santiago.  The climate and topography of the area are similar to those of the Willamette Valley.  



Many are attracted to Chillán because of the great outdoor opportunities that it offers such as skiing (season June - September), hot springs, and its many hiking possibilities. 

This university town is also located about an hour from the coast.  The region is named after the Bío-Bío river that runs through it.


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