two small children sitting at a little tableField Experience in Psychology

The Field Experience in Psychology course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to apply coursework and theory to the real world. Virtually all jobs and graduate programs in the field of mental health require prior hands on experience, because some skills are better learned by doing.

Through this course, students earn college credit for a psychology-related internship experience at a site of their choosing. Many local sites are available, but internships can also take place at agencies around Oregon, throughout the U.S., or around the world. Although the vast majority of your time will be spent in clinically-related activities at your internship site, the course also involves regular reading and writing assignments to help you make the transition to a professional role and establish a connection between research and practice.

Because clinical work requires intensive training, students enrolled in PSY 410/406 concurrrently are required to spend between 20 and 40 hours per week at their internship site. This intensive exposure ensures that students will have sufficient time to develop the skills required to engage in meaningful clinical work at their internship site.

This website contains all of the information and forms you need to find an internship site, sign up for the class, and determine whether PSY 410/406 is a good fit for your educational needs. If you have questions, contact internship instructor, Dr. Rachel Dilts.  Email is usually the quickest mode of contact, as she does not have an office on campus.

OSU does not meet the regulatory and fiscal expectations of the following states: Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico and Tennessee therefore students are NOT allowed to participate in an OSU based internship in any of the aforementioned states. If you have questions please contact your instructor. Thank you.