Undergraduate Advising

Your advisor will not only guide you on the path to your degree, but will also offer advice about your plans after graduation. Make an appointment today to talk about pursuing international study, an internship, or a professional teaching career. Whether you see yourself as a future professor, an archivist, a museum curator, or something else entirely, we can help ensure that you are moving toward both your professional and life goals.


David Bishop

The history undergraudate adviser, David Bishop, is ready to help you with any and all questions about majoring or minoring in history.  Email him at david.bishop@oregonstate.edu, or stop by his office at 322B Milam Hall.

Undergraduate Advising Guidelines





Graduate Advising

Dr. Marisa Chappell


Graduate work is a giant commitment of time and energy and should not be undertaken lightly. However, the rewards can be many for those who stick it out. For information about any of our graduate programs or advice on your career path, contact:

Marisa Chappell
303D Milam Hall