Ninth Oregon State International Film Festival

3-7 November 2017


Darkside Cinema

215 SW 4th Street

Corvallis, OR


Sponsored by the School of Language, Culture, and Society and dasfilmfest

Generously supported by the Austrian Consulate General Los Angeles

Tickets: $5 regular admission; $3 discounted tickets (students, seniors, etc.); $1 children (12 and under)


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Opening Night

November 3

Opening Night Party happening at Castor.
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4:00 pm     The Crocodiles  (Germany, 2009).

Kinderfilm. Generously supported by Mark McClees and the Portland German Film Festival.

Ten-year-old Hannes, who lives with his young, single mother, wants to join the coolest gang in town, the Vorstadtkrokodile (“Suburban ’Gators”). But the initiation goes terribly wrong and he doesn't make the cut. Kai, who also desperately wants to join the gang, witnesses a break-in and suddenly becomes of great interest to the Suburban Gators. He agrees to talk on the condition that he's accepted as one of the gang. With his help, the group sets off to solve the case and take on the apparently unbeatable criminal gang.


6:00 pm     Bye Bye German (Germany). Feature. 102 minutes.

Frankfurt, 1946. David Bermann (Moritz Bleibtreu) and his Jewish friends have escaped the Nazi regime and are now dreaming of leaving for America. But how will they get the money in these tough post-war times? The smooth-talking businessman focuses on what the Germans now need most: fine bed linens nicely wrapped in amusing stories! The six talented entertainers go from home to home, praising housewives with ashy chutzpah until the flattered ladies have no choice but to buy their irresistible items. Business flourishes and a bright new future can be seen in the horizon. But questions about Bermann‘s past catch up with him. Why does he have two passports? What about his visit to Hitler‘s mountain retreat? Could he have collaborated with the Nazis? The smart and attractive but uncompromising US officer Sara Simon (Antje Traue) refuses to close the interrogation. She wants to get to the heart of Bermann‘s wartime memories. Sara matches his quick wit with iron severity, but it becomes increasingly difficult for her to escape his charm... Trailer:


Saturday, November 4
Open Call Feature 


1:00 pm     The Peace Agency  (Indonesia, 2017). Documentary. 91 minutes. 

Lian Gogali and her 500 female students are a force to be reckoned with in the conflict-torn area of Poso, Indonesia. They are part of a powerful and successful movement for peace and justice in an area that has been racked by inter-religious violence for over a decade. But five years ago, Lian was just a single mother living in rural Poso with a broken leg and a dream to educate marginalized women. The Peace Agency follows her remarkable journey from her village to New York City to create The Women’s School, an institution that transforms its all-female class into agents of peace and non-violence grassroots activism that has altered the course of the conflict in Poso, and possibly the future of Indonesia.



3:30 pm     The Cinema Travellers  (India, 2016). Documentary. 96 minutes.

Showmen riding cinema lorries have brought the wonder of the movies to faraway villages in India once every year. Seven decades on, as their cinema projectors crumble and film reels become scarce, their patrons are lured by slick digital technology. A benevolent showman, a shrewd exhibitor and a maverick projector mechanic bear a beautiful burden - to keep the last traveling cinemas of the world running.

Youtube review:


6:00 pm     King of the Belgians  (Belgium/Netherlands/Bulgaria, 2016). Mockumentary. 94 minutes.

King of the Belgians is a road movie in which a dormant King gets lost in the Balkans and awakens to the real world. King Nicolas III is a lonely soul who has the distinct feeling he’s living the wrong life. He embarks on a state visit to Istanbul with a British filmmaker, Duncan Lloyd, who has been commissioned by the Palace to shoot a documentary intended to polish the monarch’s rather dull image. The news breaks that Wallonia, Belgium’s southern half, has declared its independence. The King, bursting with purpose, must return home at once to save his kingdom. And for once, he declares, he will write his own damn speech. As they rally to depart, a solar storm strikes the earth causing communications to collapse and airspace to shut down. No phones. No planes. To make matters worse, Turkish security coldly dismisses the King’s suggestion they return home by road. But the King has no intention of waiting out this storm. Lloyd, sniffing an opportunity of historical proportions, hatches a dubious escape plan that involves flowery dresses and singing Bulgarians. Thus begins their undercover odyssey across the Balkans, a journey that’s loaded with wrong turns, startling encounters and moments of fleeting joy.




8:00 pm     Animals (Switzerland/Poland, 2017). Feature. 95 minutes.

A married couple takes to the Swiss Alps for a six-month "break" in an effort to salvage their relationship, but an unexpected accident kick-starts a chain of events that illustrate their alienation in all sorts of surreal and disturbing ways. Including unexpected temporal shifts, beautifully disconcerting visions, and a freaky talking cat. Trailer:


Sunday, November 5

12:30 pm     Kurz + Schmerzlos Shorts Program

                    No-space (Spain) - 12 minutes

                    The Unborn (India) - 20 minutes

                    Rules (Italy) - 20 minutes

                    Whirlpool (United Kingdom) - 17 minutes

                    Circles of Confusion (Canada) - 5 minutes

                    Cowboys and Indians (Spain) - 5 minutes

                    Decorosa (Spain) - 13 minutes

                    Restricted Vision (United Kingdom) - 15 minutes

                    The Oregon Trail (USA) - 4 minutes

                   A Universal Love Story (Germany) - 9 minutes


3:30 pm     Land of the Little People  (Israel/Palestine, 2016). Feature. 83 minutes.

Another war has started in Israel. Most men are drafted quickly in service of their country. While all the grownups are busy being worried, four kids play at an old army base, now empty and unused. One day, the kids find two army deserters hiding in their secret playground. Being the sons and a daughter of military officers, the children know only one way to regain their territory – with ruthlessness. The soldiers make a dire mistake and hold their ground. Soon enough, the fight begins. The two soldiers, who sought refuge from the military fighting, find themselves in another war, which turns to be very dangerous and bloody.


5:30 pm     Land of Eternal Spring  (USA, 2017). Documentary. 27 minutes.

Even after the overthrow of its most recent dictatorship, Guatemala is still controlled by a corrupt government.  The Land of Eternal Spring, shot during a brief two-weeks of summer 2015, depicts women human right defenders and their families as they share their stories of resistance against land theft, illegal gold mining, corruption, and government retaliation.

This film is followed by:

Red Gringo  (Chile, 2016). Documentary. 67 minutes.

Reminiscent of Searching for Sugarman, director Miguel Ángel Vidaurre’s self-described “pop memory exercise” follows North American singer Dean Reed’s surprising and unlikely political transformation after learning of the brutality and repression of U.S.-supported regimes in South America. Born in Lakewood, Colorado, Reed attempted to conquer the American music industry with his voice and charisma. His songs found modest success in the U.S. but became massive hits in Latin America. In 1962, with hopes of cashing in on his international popularity, Reed tours South America, where he undergoes a political awakening that earned him the nickname “The Red Elvis.” After being forced into exile, Reed settled in East Germany where he continued his career until his mysterious death in 1986. Making magnificent use of never seen old photographs, interviews, concert footage, and other unpublished material, Red Gringo sheds light on what was really happening in Latin America during the Cold War. 



8:00 pm     Pretenders  (Estonia/Latvia/Lithuania, 2016). Feature. 102 minutes.

Intent on repairing a rift in their relationship, Anna and Juhan retreat to a seaside house lent to them by well-heeled friends.  After witnessing an accident on rocky shore, they take in a wounded woman and her husband – a couple they find they have a lot in common with. Anna and Juhan begin to pretend they own the house, engaging their guests in a game of domination that propels their relationship to the brink of destruction.



Monday, November 6

 Launch of Campus Week 2017, in collaboration with the German Embassy, Washington DC

5:00 pm     Combat Girls  (Germany, 2011). Feature. 103 minutes.

Introduced by Dr. Jennifer L. Creech, University of Rochester. Discussion to follow the film.

Marisa, a 20-year-old German girl, hates foreigners, Jews, cops, and everyone she finds guilty for the decline of her country. She provocates, drinks, fights and her next tattoo will be a portrait of Adolf Hitler. The only place she feels home is the Neo-Nazi gang she belongs to, where hate, violence, and heavy parties are the daily rules. When 14-year-old Svenja joins the group, Marisa appears like a role model to her: she fits the purest idea of a combat girl fighting for the group's ideology. But Marisa's convictions will slowly evolve when she accidentally meets a young Afghan refugee. Confronted to him, she will learn that the black and white principles of her gang are not the only way. Will Marisa ever be able to get out of this group?



8:00 pm     Suffering of Ninko  (Japan, 2017). Feature. 70 minutes.

Ninko, a young, diligent Buddhist monk, has one serious problem: Women can’t seem to resist him. They pester him so much that he can’t even ask for alms in town. Since sexual indulgence is considered a sin, he blames himself for not being virtuous enough. One day, he runs into a masked woman in the forest who tries to seduce him. Running away from her, his problem only gets worse. Nearly driven mad, he escapes deep into the mountains to be alone. There he finds a corpse in a deserted village, victimized by a specter who seduces the spirits of men. A samurai claims that he can kill the specter, and Ninko follows him, hoping that he’ll rid him of his curse.



Tuesday, November 7

Closing Night

7:30 pm     Late Blossom Blues (Austria, 2016). Feature. 89 minutes

Closing night.  Generously supported by the Austrian Consulate General Los Angeles.

When 81 year-old Leo Welch from the Mississippi backwoods skyrocketed to global Blues & Gospel stardom after releasing his debut record in 2014, it took the music world by surprise: Where has this guy been the last 60 years? Why has nobody ever heard of him? This documentary about Leo “Bud” Welch follows Leo and his ex-soldier manager as they balance the tight rope between business and geriatrics, between jetlag and sound check. It also paints a heartwarming portrait of Leo’s small hometown Bruce, MS, where Leo’s daily life is still untouched by his late global popularity. Documenting the most exciting times in the life of one of the last real Bluesmen, LATE BLOSSOM BLUES is a film of historic dimensions for all music-lovers – a moving account of a hard-working man, who, despite all the adversaries, never wavered from his passion and waited more than 70 years to finally live his dream. Trailer:

***post-screening live concert with Leo “Bud” Welch! Admission only with film ticket.***