School of Public Policy Economics Program

Welcome to the OSU Economics Program

Does it pay to go to college? What determines the interest rates on student loans? What causes bank failures? Does free trade between the U.S. and China benefit Americans? Why is the price of gas so high? Is current U.S. immigration policy good for the economy?

If you have ever thought about any of these questions, you have thought about questions economists study and try to answer. Economists use mathematical and statistical models to study how individuals, organizations and societies make choices about how to use limited resources to meet various needs and desires. The goal is to attain higher living standards and improve social welfare.

The Economics Program offers undergraduate degrees and advising in traditional economics with options in managerial economics, law, economics and policy, and mathematical economics. The Economics Program is part of the School of Public Policy and participates in the Graduate Programs in Public Policy, both the Master of Public Policy (MPP) and the Public Policy PhD.

Economics training provides excellent preparation for graduate work in economics, public policy, law and business. OSU Economics graduates also use their degrees to work professionally in the public (federal, state and local government) and private (banking, consulting, retail, and corporate) sectors.

We invite you to explore our web site to learn more about Economics at OSU.

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