Sustainability Policy Briefs and Papers

OPAL commits itself to understanding how decisions in Oregon regarding energy and the environment are made at both the macro and micro level.  OPAL policy briefs have dealt with such varied topics in sustainability as analyzing how and why individuals make sustainable decisions to alternative energy source utilization throughout Oregon.  


Social Policy Briefs and Papers

OPAL projects have dealt with a wide range of social policy issues, from education, to social service delivery, to application of criminal law.  Working with community partners such as the Corvallis School District 509J, the Corvallis Police Department, and other social service delivery organizations, OPAL projects have sought to discover how social services can be delivered more equitably and efficiently.


Municipal Development Policy Briefs and Papers

OPAL was formed, in part, with the intention of informing community development decisions for communities throughout Oregon.  The Corvallis Park and Recreation Department, municipal planning for the City of Albany, and transportation issues throughout the mid-Willamette valley have all been discussed within OPAL policy briefs.