Lori A. Cramer

Associate Professor
Sociology Program
School of Public Policy

404 Bexell Hall
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331-3703
Phone: (541) 737-5382



  • Soc. 206 - Social Problems and Issues
  • Soc 360 - Population Trends & Policy
  • Soc 399 – ST/Social Dimensions of Sustainability
  • Soc 475/575 - Rural Sociology
  • Soc 480/580 - Enviromental Sociology
  • Soc 481/581 - Society & Natural Resources
  • Soc 485/585 - Consensus & Natural Resources

Research Interests

  • Natural Resource Sociology
  • Environmental Sociology
  • Social Impact Assessment
  • Rural Sociology
  • Community Adaptation

Curriculum Vitae


Brief Vita


  • Ph.D. Sociology, Utah State University, Logan, Utah, 1993
  • M.S. Sociology, Utah State University, Logan, Utah, 1988
  • B.S. Psychology/Sociology, Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois, 1985

Academic Appointments

  • 1999-present, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Oregon State University
  • 2012-present, Faculty Associate, Water Resources Policy and Management, Oregon State University
  • 2012-present, Adjunct Professor, Institute for Water and Watersheds
  • 2005-present, Faculty Associate, Rural Studies Program, Oregon State University
  • 2001-present, Adjunct Professor, Women’s Studies Program, Oregon State University
  • 1998-present, Adjunct Professor, Marine Resource Management Program, Oregon State University

Teaching and Research Interests

Natural Resource Sociology, Environmental Sociology, Rural Sociology, Social Impact Assessment, Community Adaptation

Funded Projects (2005-present)

  • Principal Investigator (with D. Cox and H. Wang), “Building resilient coastal communities: A social assessment of mobile technology for tsunami evacuation planning” NOAA/Sea Grant, 7/1/14-6/30/16.
    See also: Sea Grant Blog
  • Co-Investigator, (with M. Needham (PI),“Resident Perceptions of the Oregon Marine Reserve System” Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife. 9/1/14- 9/30/2016.  
  • Principal Investigator Assessing the Socio-Political Context of Disaster Recovery in Coastal Oregon” Oregon Sea Grant Program Development Funds. 6/30/2012-5/30/2014 (extension awarded to 11/30/14).
  • Principal Investigator, “Toward a Socio-Political Understanding of Disaster Vulnerability in Coastal Oregon“ School of Public Policy Mini-grant Fund, Oregon State University. 4/15/12-6/30/13.
  • Co-Investigator, (with Mark Needham) “Coastal Resident Perceptions of Proposed Marine Reserves in Oregon” Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. 2012-2013.
  • Principal Investigator, “Initial Public Response to Coastal Tsunami Warnings,” Oregon Sea Grant, Oregon State University. 2011.
  • Collaborator, (with E. Granek, et. al.) “Measuring Ecological, Economic and Social Values of Coastal Habitats to Inform Ecosystem-based Management of Land-Sea Interfaces.” National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, University of Santa Barbara, CA.  2006-2008.
  • Principal Investigator, “Resource Use and Social Change in Oregon Communities.” Oregon State University Faculty Release Time Grant.  2005.

Publications/Chapters in Edited Books/Presentations (selected/recent)

  • Wang, H., Mosta, A., Cramer, L.A., Cox, D.A. and H. Park. Under review. “An Agent-based Modeling of a Multimodal Near-Field Tsunami Evacuation: Decision-Making and Life Safety” Transportation Research.
  • Cramer, L.A. 2014. “Wetlands” in B. Steel (Ed.) Science and Politics: An A-Z Guide to Issues and Controversies. CQ Press/Sage Press.
  • Perry, E. E., Needham, M. D., Cramer, L. A., & Rosenberger, R. S. (2014). Coastal resident knowledge of new marine reserves in Oregon: The impact of proximity and attachment. Ocean and Coastal Management, 95(8), 107-116.
  • Cramer, L.A. 2014. “Water Scarcity” in B. Steel (Ed.) Science and Politics: An A-Z Guide to Issues and Controversies. CQ Press/Sage Press.
  • Perry, E. E., Needham, M. D., & Cramer, L. A. (2014). Small ripples or large waves? Resident cognitions about new marine reserves in Oregon. Paper presented at Northeastern Recreation Research Symposium (NERR). April 6-8, Cooperstown, New York.
  • Perry, E., M. D. Needham, and L. A. Cramer. 2013. Perceptions of protection: Coastal residents’ awareness and understanding of new marine reserves in Oregon” paper presented at the George Wright Society Biennial Conference on Parks, Protected Areas, and Cultural Sites. Denver, CO, March 11-15.
  • Cramer, L.A. 2013 “Community resilience to environmental disasters: The role of political capital” paper presented at the Annual Meetings of the Pacific Sociological Association, Reno, NV. March.
  • Needham, M. D., Cramer, L. A., & Perry, E. E. (2013). “Marine reserves in Oregon: What does the public think?” Invited paper presented at Hatfield Marine Science Center Research Seminar Series. November 6, Newport, Oregon.
  • Needham, M. D., Cramer, L. A., & Perry, E. E. (2013). “New marine reserves in Oregon: Does the public care?” Paper presented at Oregon State University Water Resources Seminar Series. November  13, Corvallis, Oregon.
  • Cramer, L.A. 2012 “Social Vulnerability and Disaster Resilience in Coastal Oregon” paper presented at the annual meeting of the Rural Sociology Society, Chicago, IL, July, 2012.
  • Cramer, L.A. 2012. “Who is Most Affected by Tsunamis?” Confluence (Oregon Sea Grant Publication), 1 (1):8-9.
  • Aswani, S., Christie, P., Muthiga, N.A., Mahon, R., Primavera, J.H, Cramer,  L.A., Barbier, E.B., Granek, E.F., Kennedy, C. Wolanski, E. Hacker, S.D. 2012 (Available online March 31, 2011).  “The Way Forward with Ecosystem Based Management in Tropical Contexts: Reconciling with Existing Management Systems.” Marine Policy. 36(1)1-10.
  • Granek, E.F., Polasky, S., Kappel, C.V., Reed, D.J., Stoms, D.M., Koch, E.W., Kennedy, C.J., Cramer, L.A., Hacker, S.D., Barbier, E.B., Aswani, S., Ruckelshaus, M., Perillo, G.M., Silliman, B.R., Muthiga, N., Bael, D., and Wolanski, E. 2010. "Ecosystem Services as a Common Language for Coastal Ecosystem- Based Management." Conservation Biology 24(1):207-216.
  • Barbier, E.B., Koch, E.W., Silliman, B.R., Hacker, S.D., Wolanski, E., Primavera, J., Granek, E.F., Polasky, S., Aswani, S., Cramer, L.A., Stoms, D.M., Kennedy, C.J., Bael, D., Kappel, C.V., Perillo, G.M. and Reed, D.J. 2008. “Coastal Ecosystem-Based Management with Nonlinear Ecological Functions and Values.” Science 319:321-323.
  • Cramer, L.A.  2000. “Community infrastructure and the development of human capital: A Pacific view.” Pps. 57-68 in Susan Hanna and Madeleine Hall-Arber (Eds.) Change and Resilience in Fishing. Oregon Sea Grant Publishers, Corvallis, OR.

Honors and Awards

  • College of Liberal Arts Researcher of the Year, Oregon State University, 1998
  • Rural Sociological Society Excellence in Teaching Award, 1999