Mark Edwards

Sociology Program
School of Public Policy

319 Fairbanks Hall
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331-3703
Phone: 541-737-5379
Fax: 541-737-5372

Areas of Interest

  • Social Inequality
  • Public Policy
  • Research Methods and Statistics
  • Sociology of Food Insecurity and Housing


  • Soc 315 - Methods 1: Research Design
  • Soc 316 - Methods 2: Quantitative Analysis
  • Soc 426/526 - Social Inequality
  • Soc 515 - Understanding Social Research

Brief Vita


  • Ph.D. - Sociology, University of Washington 1997
  • M.A. - Sociology, University of Washington 1992
  • B.A. - Food Biochemistry, University of California at Davis 1984

Current Projects:

Selected Publications:

  • Edwards, Mark. 2012 "The Rise of State Agency-Nonprofit Collaboration Against Food Insecurity in Western States."  Food, Culture, and Society 15(1):93-112.
  • Edwards, Mark Evan and Lorelle Jabs.  2009.  "When Safety Culture Backfires:  Unintended Consequences of Half-Shared Governance in a High Tech Workplace."  The Social Science Journal 46:707-723.
  • Edwards, Mark Evan, Melissa Torgerson, and Jennifer Sattem.  2009.  "Paradoxes of Providing Rural Social Services:  The Case of Homeless Youth."  Rural Sociology 74(3):330-355.
  • Edwards, Mark Evan, Bruce Weber, and Stephanie Bernell. 2007. "Identifying Factors that Influence State-Specific Hunger Rates in the U.S.: A Simple Analytic Method for Understanding a Persistent Problem." Social Indicators Research 81(3):579-595.
  • Bernell, Stephanie, Bruce Weber, and Mark Edwards. 2006. "Restricted Opportunities, Personal Choices, Ineffective Policies? What Explains Food Insecurity in Oregon." Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 31(2):193-211.
  • Edwards, Mark Evan. 2005. "Occupational Structure and the Employment of American Mothers of Young Children." Journal of Family and Economic Issues 26(1):31-53.
  • Weber, Bruce, Mark Edwards, and Greg Duncan. 2004. "Single Mother Work and Poverty Under Welfare Reform: Are Policy Impacts Different in Rural Areas?" Eastern Economic Journal 30(1):31-51.
  • Edwards, Mark Evan. 2002. "Education and Occupations: Re-examining the Conventional Wisdom about Later First Births Among American Mothers." Sociological Forum 17(3):423-443.
  • Edwards, Mark Evan, Robert Plotnick, and Marieka Klawitter. 2001. "Do Attitudes and Personality Characteristics Affect Socioeconomic Outcomes?: The Case of Welfare Use by Young Women." Social Science Quarterly 82(4)829-845.
  • Edwards, Mark Evan. 2001. "Home Ownership, Affordability, and Mothers' Changing Work and Family Roles." Social Science Quarterly 82(2)370-384.
  • Edwards, Mark Evan. 2001. "Uncertainty and the Rise of the Work-Family Dilemma." Journal of Marriage and Family 63(1):183-196.
  • Edwards, Mark Evan. 1996. "Pregnancy Discrimination Litigation: Legal Erosion of Capitalist Ideology under Equal Employment Opportunity Law." Social Forces 75(1):247-268.

Selected Honors & Awards:

  • 2012 Oregon Faith  Roundtable Against Hunger - Harvest of Hope Award.
  • 2011 Division of Outeach & Engagement Award for Excellence: Strategic Impact
  • 2004 College of Liberal Arts' Researcher of the Year Award
  • 2003 Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society Emerging Scholar Award

Curriculum Vitae