MPP Student Essays by Year

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  • Algara, Carlos. "Irrational Fear or Cause for Concern? The Effects of Hispanic Immigration on Crime Rates in Tucson, Arizona"
  • Babbel, Breannon. "Evaluating Equity in the Provision of Primary Health Care in Tanzania"
  • Boyd, Heather. "Examining an Empowerment Framework: A Look at Female Artisans Within a Ghanaian NGO"
  • Croom, Howard. Race/ethnic Differences in Substance Abuse: Examining the Differential Impact of Access to Health Insurance on Drug-related Outcomes"
  • Dickinson, Kelly. "Procurring and Maketing Local Foods in Retail Stores in Oregon and Ontario"
  • Fishler, Hillary. "Evaluating the EWEB Model: Institutional Structure as a Determinant of Public Utility Implementation of a Voluntary Landowner Program"
  • Freeman, Misty Mason. "Unintended Consequences of Cultural Competence: How Tailoring Services to Tribal Children in Klamath County Can Improve the System for Everyone"
  • Gregory, Sarah. "No One Cares What Color the Fire Truck Is: A Case Study of Interagency Cooperation in Fire Management in Central Oregon"
  • Marsubian, Michael. "The Wind Cries 'Maybe': Public Attitudes Toward Renewable Energy and Environmental Tradeoffs in Oregon"  
  • Hayes, Chrysanthemum. "Voluntary Contributions to California Public Schools: Growth, Distribution and Equity" 
  • Moon, Ruby. "Using the IDA Framework to Examine the Relationship Between Regulating Enforcers and the Commercial Trawl Fishery of Lincoln County, Oregon"
  • Nash, Michael. "Assessing Truth in the Information Age: Evidence from Poltifact"
  • Osborne, Megan. "Gender Inequality in Food Insecurity: An Examination of Single Adults Without Children in the United States"
  • Pant, Suman. "Impact of Ecotourism on the Sanitation of Local Communities in Nepal"
  • Porsche, Kate. "Urban Renewal in Albany, Oregon:  A Decennial Inspection of the Central Albany Revitalization Area"
  • Reeves, Zachary. "Factors Influencing Support for Salmon Recovery Policies in Oregon"
  • Rubenstrunk, Becky. "Assessing Contention: Nuclear Waste Management Activism in the U.S. and Canada"
  • Sorce, Evan. "Looking at the Relationship Between Household Electricity Consumption and Annual Household Income Using an Agent-Based Integrated Framework"
  • Vandeventer, Alexia. "Factors Influencing Residential Risk Perception in Fire-Prone Landscapes"
  • Wang, Hua. "Assessing Green Securities Policy in China:  An Examination of Environmental Disclosure of the Listed Companies in Highly Polluting Industries"
  • Wornell, Emily. "Networks and Relationships: Differences in State-Level Child Abuse and Neglect Policy Implementation in Multnomah and Klamath Counties, Oregon"
  • Young, Ryan "Income Inequality and Public Expenditure on Non-Compulsory Education in Western Europe from 1999-2010"