Q: As a transfer student from a community college, what classes should I be taking to stay on track towards attaining a BA of English at Oregon State University, if I make the decision to attend?

A: In addition to courses you’ll take toward the AAS, including 200-level English survey courses equivalent to those we offer here, it is highly recommended that if possible students come to OSU with the two years of college-level foreign language required for the B.A. degree.

Q: What is the process in declaring the English major at Oregon State University?

A: All applications go through the Office of Admissions. After you are accepted, you will be required to attend an orientation for transfer students prior to the term in which you will first register for classes.

Q: Is there a source or worksheet that lists classes needed towards attaining the BA - English degree?

A: See the Baccalaureate Core attachment

Q: What are the English major requirements at Oregon State University?

A: See English Major Requirements attachment.

Q: Do I have to apply to the School of English after applying for admittance into Oregon State?

A: No.

Q: What is a WR 121 override?

A: Students who do not take WR I (WR 121 at OSU) will require overrides from me to register for any writing classes at OSU. This is simply procedural. Also, if you do not have an equivalent WR I once you come to OSU, you may take a test to attain WR 121 credit.

Q: As a student who is passionate about English language and composition, with the hope to teach at the secondary level, are there specific classes I need to take at my college to prepare myself?

A: There are no specific courses that we recommend that you take. That said, we offer a double-degree in English and Education that would give you the credentials to teach elementary through high school language arts. We offer courses such as The Teaching of Writing, Literature and Pedagogy, Grammar, and Intro to Literacy Studies that might be of interest.

Q: Where can I find more information on internships available to English majors?

A: See Internship Information attachment.

Q: Are there part-time positions available to English students on campus?

A: There are work-study opportunities for all students on campus: https://jobs.oregonstate.edu/