Assistant Professor - Director CARVE Lab
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Office: 541-737-1374

Reed Lodge

Reed Lodge 229

2950 SW Jefferson Way

2950 SW Jefferson Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

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Affiliated with: 
Sch of Psychological Science
Research/Career Interests: 
  • Engineering psychology
  • Multisensory perception
  • Motor control and learning
  • Action observation
  • Motor imagery
  • Tool use
  • Virtual reality
  • Driving
  • Cognitive neuroscience (fMRI)

Selected Publications

Islam, M.R., Hurwitz, D.S., Macuga, K.L. (2016). Improved driver responses at intersections with red signal countdown timers. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 63, 207-221.

Macuga, K.L., & Frey, S.H. (2014). Differential contributions of the superior and inferior parietal cortex to feedback versus feedforward control of tools. NeuroImage, 92, 36-45.

Macuga, K.L., Papailiou, A.P., & Frey, S.H. (2012). Motor imagery of tool use: Relationship to actual use and adherence to Fitts’ law across tasks. Experimental Brain Research, 218, 169-179.

Macuga, K.L., & Frey, S.H. (2012). Neural representations involved in observed, imagined, and imitated actions are dissociable and hierarchically organized. NeuroImage, 59, 2798-2807.

Macuga, K.L., & Frey, S.H. (2011). Selective responses in right inferior frontal and supramarginal gyri differentiate between observed movements of oneself vs. another. Neuropsychologia, 49, 1202-1207.

Macuga, K.L., Beall, A.C., Kelly, J.W., Smith, R.S., & Loomis, J.M. (2007). Changing lanes: Inertial cues and explicit path information facilitate steering performance when visual feedback is removed. Experimental Brain Research, 178(2), 141-150.

Macuga, K.L., Loomis, J.M., Beall, A.C., & Kelly, J.W. (2006). Perception of heading without retinal optic flow. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 68(5), 872-878.

Loomis, J.M., Beall, A.C., Macuga, K.L., Kelly, J.W., & Smith, R.S. (2006). Visual control of action without retinal optic flow. Psychological Science, 17, 214-221.

Gray, R., Macuga, K., & Regan, D. (2004). Long range interactions between object-motion and self-motion in the perception of movement in depth. Vision Research, 44, 179-195. 

Salvucci, D.D., & Macuga, K.L. (2002). Predicting the effects of cellular-phone dialing on driver performance. Cognitive Systems Research, 3, 95-102.

Dr. Macuga is accepting undergraduate research assistants and Psychology PhD students.