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New Media Communications
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Todd Kesterson has taught in the New Media Communications Program since 2004. He currently teaches courses in media aesthetics, video production, pre-production, 3D modeling and animation, experimental animation and the history of computer animation. Prior to starting at OSU, he taught in the Art Department at the University of Oregon.

He worked professionally in the field of computer animation since 1990 on a wide range of projects for advertising, entertainment, and educational purposes. His work has been featured at SIGGRAPH (international computer graphics conference), Caesars Palace (Las Vegas) and Sea World (Florida and San Diego).

Kesterson holds a BFA in Visual Design from the University of Oregon, an MS in Environmental Education from Southern Oregon University, and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College.

His personal creative work explores the relationship between internal and external landscapes and our interwoven connections with time, place and community. Research interests include immersive education and spatial storytelling.

Teaching Philosophy

Students are co-creators of their own educational experience. For that to succeed, coursework needs to encourage collaboration while also providing opportunities for individualization of class projects. Classes should present a framework that supports creative expression, while also providing a foundation in the concepts, tools, and techniques necessary to succeed as communicators in an increasingly complex digital world. 

Student Work Selections


Creative Work Selections

The Story Pouch (link to project web site)

The Story Pouch is 3D computer animated short film about a man alone, unable to expressive himself creatively. This begins to change as he is pulled into a multidimensional space of dreams and memories. Through this journey he remembers what it is like to live the dance and is at last able to tap into his own creativity. The project was a collaborative effort by students and faculty from OSU and the University of Oregon.  

short fully animated version

Story Pouch: A Journey Remembered

Video of Story Pouch: A Journey Remembered


final previsualization

Due to limitations of time and resources, the full project was not completed as a finished 3D animation. Instead, the final result is a previsualization in which the story is told using a combination of still images, video recordings, and animation in various stages of development.  A short documentary at the start of this video provides an overview of the project and the production process.

The Story Pouch full previsualization

Video of The Story Pouch full previsualization


Woodlands Seasons 1

Seasonal change in a woodland, expressed through blended photos and layered and distorted imagery that suggest the dream-like quality of memory.

Woodlands Seasons 1

Video of Woodlands Seasons 1


Woodlands Seasons 2

Woodlands Seasons 2

FileWoodlands Seasons 2


Particle Vortex

Artistic interpretation and variations of an evolving particle form, accompanied by a soundtrack expressing related mathematical equations. 

Particle Vortex

Video of Particle Vortex


Return to French Pete Creek

Dreams and memories of the journey to a place of renewal.

Return to French Pete Creek

Video of Return to French Pete Creek

Return to French Pete Creek


Root Explorations

This project is an exploration of relationships between natural forms and 3D-modeled imagery. It involved the digitizing of a tree root structure. The resulting 3D form was modified, animated and composited to create a virtual tour of an often overlooked natural structure.

Root Explorations

Video of Root Explorations