All Cine-Lit VIII events (sessions, round tables, plenary speakers, workshops) will take place in two separate venues:  The Smith Center on the Portland State University campus and University of Oregon’s Portland campus

The Smith Center

On Thursday, Feb. 19 and Friday, Feb. 20, all events will be held in the Smith Center on the Portland State University campus.  The Smith Center is a short walk from the Modera Hotel, and is also close some of the theaters where the Portland International Film Festival will be screening its films.

University of Oregon Portland Campus

On Saturday, Feb. 21, all events will be held in the University of Oregon Portland campus.  It is located in the beautifully refurbished White Stag Building (70 NW Couch [pronounced “cooch”] St.) in “Old Town” Portland.  It is a short Trimet ride from anywhere in downtown Portland.  At the end of the Saturday’s events all Cine-Lit VIII participants are invited to attend a “Tenteempié” in the patio area of the building hosted by the University of Oregon and Cine-Lit.


Unfortunately for the PIFF and Cine-Lit, the Broadway Cinema went out of business in 2011.  Its proximity to the PSU campus, the Modera Hotel, downtown eateries and bars, along with its two larger theaters, made it wonderfully convenient for everyone, especially “cine-literos”, wanting watch films.  So, the “theater map” for Cine-Lit VIII will be somewhat more complicated.  It may require a short streetcar/bus ride and more time and planning.  But, it is also an opportunity to experience Portland’s “Pearl District” with its clubs, restaurants, and bars, or the Lloyd Center.  However, we will endeavor to be as creative as possible when scheduling Cine-Lit screenings to make watching films as convenient as possible.  The PIFF schedule (you’ll receive one in your folder) contains a map and detailed instructions for those wishing to go to the different theaters.


Cine-Lit participants will receive tickets or passes that will enable them to watch the films the Portland International Film Festival (PIFF) will screen in conjunction with Cine-Lit.  The cost of these tickets is part of the registration fee.  They will be included in your conference packet.  Guard them closely.  Also, “cine-literos” will be competing with Portland’s avid film-goers for seats in the different theaters.  You must be in line at least 10-15 minutes prior to each screening to ensure yourselves of getting a seat.


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