Thank you for your interest in teaching through SAC Academy!

Please complete a Course Proposal Form for each NEW class, lesson, ensemble, event, course, camp, or workshop that you would like to teach through the SAC Academy.  Please allow one week for review and approval.

All SAC Academy offerings will be run according to the OSU school term calendar. Proposals must be submitted at least one month prior to the start of the term in which you desire to teach.

2017 Submission deadlines

Spring term: February 24

Summer term: May 19 

Fall term: August 25

Any proposals submitted after these dates will be considered for the following term.

(ex: Guitar Lessons)
This is the email address that will be used for student's to contact you.
What term is this course being offered?
What days of the week and time of the day will this course be offered?
Maximum number of participants who can enroll in the program
Where will this course take place? Building and room number
ex: Open to OSU students and community members of all ages. No experience needed.
Please list the designated administrators who will need access to the Student Roster and who will receive auto-confirmation emails upon participant registration. Please include email addresses.
Please add any questions you have, or any additional comments or information about the program.
Please detail how much the program costs. If no cost, please confirm.
Please include the following information for EACH individual receiving financial compensation for this event. For Current OSU employees: Full name, Brief description of duties (instructor, accompanist, etc.), # hours of work or amount of honorarium For Non-OSU personnel: Full name, full mailing address, Brief description of duties (instructor, accompanist, etc.), amount of honorarium
Where will this event be held? What are the associated costs? Space, equipment rentals? Decorations?
Please list any equipment rental or purchase costs.
Please list supplies and their cost below. This includes items such as photocopying, printing flyers or programs, music, or other course materials.
Please list expenses related to purchasing food, beverages and associated serving/storage items.
Please list any expenses associated with items given to event participants, including OSU Swag, awards, certificates, etc.
Please select all income sources that will fund your event.
I understand that ALL expenses for this event will be covered by sources previously designated. SAC Academy is not financially responsible for any hosted events.
I understand there are indirect costs associated with running this event including an 8% overhead fee from OSU, varying FTE/OPE expenses, and an 8% SAC Academy fee for registration management.