Lee Ann Garrison is a visual artist who has exhibited her oil paintings in galleries and museums in California, Missouri, Illinois, Georgia, Wisconsin, and New York and is a past recipient of a Wisconsin Arts Board Grant. Over 60 of her paintings are in private collections throughout the United States and Mexico.

Lee Ann is a scholar of systems thinking and visual metaphor. Her year’s long Observation series of paintings depict the dendritic or branching systems of rivers, tree roots, and blood vessels and spiral systems of plant growth, tornadoes, shells, and the Milky Way. Her new scholarly interests include data visualization and neuroaesthetics, the way the brain perceives beauty.

Lee Ann’s teaching interests include design methodology in design history, color theory, graduate research and writing, graduate painting, and art and design topics in the Honors College Seminar.

Lee Ann received her MFA (painting/drawing) from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; her MA (painting/drawing) from California State University-Long Beach, and her BA (painting/drawing) from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

Lee Ann currently serves as Executive Director for the University of Wisconsin Peck School of the Arts Design Research Institute.

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View the video of her presentation here.