If the walls of Moreland Hall could talk, they would have decades of stories to tell. Located at the heart of Oregon State University’s campus, Moreland Hall celebrates its Centennial this year. Built in September of 1917 and originally opened as the home of the College of Forestry, the building underwent a remodel in in 1973 and reopened as Moreland Hall and the home of the English Department. The People of Moreland Hall, inspired by Humans of New York, seeks to capture past, present, and future influence of Moreland Hall and School of Writing, Literature, and Film and lets students tell their stories.

Chris Hands '17
Speech Communications Major, Writing Minor

"As a kid I was always really into Harry Potter. And looking back at it I realized that what I was enjoying the most was that I was able to jump into a world that didn’t actually exist. And myself being someone who is very attached to the physical world, it was an escape that I didn’t imagine I’d be able to take. J.K. Rowling, her story, and her mission are what first set me on the path of taking on writing."

Ethan Heusser '18
English Major, Minors in Writing and Computer Science

“I'm probably most proud of an opinion piece, Art and the Nature of Fear, which I wrote for the Corvallis Gazette-Times this last November. It was an organic culmination of my experiences with media and journalism, my newfound opportunities to engage with larger communities through art, and my poetic sensibilities at the time. In my experience, the writing that comes most naturally is often what also resonates the most; this article was no exception.”

Kaya Reed '17
Marine Biology, Writing, and German Major

“It wasn’t a piece, it was a person who sparked an interest in writing. It was my 8th grade Language Arts teacher, Carrie Scaife. She gave us a wide breadth of writing and taught it so passionately. She gave us room to grow as writers while encouraging us to grow in writing itself.”

Lanesha Reagan '18
English Major and Writing Minor

“I've honestly loved all of my English and writing classes (of course), so it's hard for me to pick just one. I'm currently in a short story writing class and a lot of it's just workshopping and it's motivated me even more to get more of my writing published or become an editor. I love reading other people's writing and working on a way to understand them and their characters and help them develop it even more. Technically, am I the best writer right now? No, of course not, but I know what it's like to fall so deeply into a story or characters that everything else disappears for a little while and that's what I'm trying to help my classmates do. I want them to write and I hope I can write so that I'm able to make people feel. Whether that's pain or love, feeling is what I'm striving for.”

Madison Bauer '18
Digital Communications Arts

“I've changed my major dozens of times over the last three years, but one thing that remained constant was my love for writing. I'm one class away from completing my writing minor, and I wish I could major in just writing. I've grown a lot as a writer through my classes here, and it's evident in all my work across the board. I'm proud of the music reviews I've written for Cassette [a music review site that is a part of the Orange Media Network] and, most recently, an article I have waiting to be published on the Corvallis Review about a brand new alternative rock album.”

Ryan Lackey '18
MA in English - Literature and Culture

“Learning, in my experience, occurs from both directions at Oregon State. I've drawn on the expertise of my professors, for example, and their literacies in myriad fascinating fields of criticism and theory. And I've also learned from my peers, my friends, the other people in my cohort. Navigating academia isn't a solitary adventure here, and I appreciate that.”

Sarah Awbrey Johnson '18
English Major, Minors in Writing and Communications

"As a kid all I wanted to do was read. I listened to a lot of audio books growing up. Cheaper by the Dozen in particular. We would listen to them on long car rides to the beach with my grandma. I see my major and minors taking me to an editorial position. Working with the written word and media, but less mainstream. I care more about quality, especially in an age of fake news."

Sarah Berge '18
English Major, Minors in Writing and Film Studies

“I became an English major because I always wanted to do something in writing, but film and other ways of sharing and telling stories had always been interesting to me as well. When I got to OSU and found out they were launching a new film studies minor, I thought it was the perfect opportunity for me to explore several of my interests at once and, hopefully, find a way into a career that would allow me to use all of those skills. Luckily, working at Orange Media Network (OMN) has allowed me to see that I actually can use all of my interests while doing something I love. I get to help share people's stories in a variety of ways, using all of my interests, which is awesome."

Stephen Hinkle '17
English Major and Writing Minor

“Next is grad school. I’ve just started filling out applications. That’s the short term. But long term I hope to be a professor. I just feel so at home in the literary world. There’s something comforting about it.”

Taylor Simpson '18
MA in English - Literature and Culture

“I found this crazy-old copy of Paradise Lost in my high school library and that was the turning point. That was the moment I realized I wanted to pursue at least my undergrad in English, and now I have Gustav Dore’s illustrations of Paradise Lost tattooed from my hip to my shoulder. I’m in the first year of the graduate program and I don’t know where it’ll take me . . . maybe teaching Paradise Lost to the next generation of would-be English Majors.”


Author and Photographer Bio:

Oregon native Miranda Grace Crowell is in her final year of undergraduate studies at Oregon State University. She will graduate in the spring with a Bachelors of Science in Digital Communication Arts and Sustainability, alongside two minors in Anthropology and Writing. In her spare time, Miranda is an aspiring foodie, and a photographer for Factor Kites, her personal startup. After graduation, Miranda hopes to stay in the Pacific Northwest, where she’ll continue to capture the spirit of the region through writing and photography.