Sigurd H. Peterson Scholarship: Levi Coren
Sigurd H. Peterson Scholarship: Amanda Armas
Sigurd H. Peterson Scholarship: Eleanor Winston

Internal Peterson Scholarship: Garrett Kitamura, Justin Bennett, Alyssa Freeman, and Sarah Stewart
Mary Holaday Murray Scholarship: Sydney Sullivan
Raleigh Clare Dickinson Scholarship: Cody Campbell
Malamud Scholarship: Marin Rosenquist and Kassidy Benson
Mary Jo Bailey Scholarship: Clarice Gilray
Irwin C. Harris Legacy Scholarship: Ethan Heusser


Essay Awards

Graduate Essay: Emily Foster,
For “Trails and Tribulations: A New Materialist Approach to Green Lakes Trail Use”
Nominated by Ehren Pflugfelder

Graduate Essay: Joe Donovan,
For “I Would Die 4 U, Sputnik”
Nominated by Elena Passarello
Schwartz Essay: Karli Rumburg
For “The Day of the Locust: Consumer Culture, Modernity, and Marxism”
Nominated by Neil Davison

Schwartz Essay Honorable Mention: Camille Tollbom
For “Womanhood and the Normal in O Pioneers!”
Nominated by Lily Sheehan

WIC Culture of Writing Award: Ashley Price
For “Goodness and Failure Defining Humanity”
Nominated by Jennifer Richter
Smith/Norris Essay: Madeleine Busby
For “Implicit vs. Explicit Meaning in Academic Writing”
Nominated by Clare Braun

Elroy Bode Essay Award: Monica Anderson
For “Vietnam: Country of my Dreams.”
Nominated by Elena Passarello


CLA Outstanding Senior (Previously Awarded)
Recognized by Elena Passarello
Monica Anderson

The Provost’s Literary Prize (Previously Awarded)
Recognized by Keith Scribner
Monica Anderson (Prose)
Jade Yeen Onn (Poetry)

The Lisa Ede Award
Presented by Tim Jensen
Paisley Green
Honorable Mention: Andrew Bashford

Weaver Poetry Award
Presented by Karen Holmberg
Ethan Heusser

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