Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson’s newest book, Light When It Comes:  Trusting Joy, Facing Darkness, and Seeing God in Everything, will be published in the fall by Eerdmans Publishing.  The book consists of prose poems and pieces of homilies collaged into ten essays.  Chris also gave a poetry reading as part of the Comma Reading Series at Broadway Books in Portland, in February, and represented “Poets of Faith” for a poetry reading sponsored by Rattle magazine at the Association of Writing Programs conference in Los Angeles in early April.

Richmond Barbour
Richmond Barbour contributed a paper, “Desdemona and Mrs. Keeling,” to the seminar on “Women and Travel” at the conference of the Shakespeare Association of America in New Orleans, LA, 23-26 March, 2016. His article, “Drama at Sea: A New Look at Shakespeare on the Dragon, 1607-08” co-authored with Bernhard Klein (University of Kent, Canterbury), is included in Travel and Drama in the English Renaissance (Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2016), edited by Claire Jowitt and David McInnes.

David Biespiel
David Biespiel’s book, A Long High Whistle: Selected Columns on Poetry, published in 2015, won the Oregon Book Award in general nonfiction. His writing over the past year has appeared in: American Poetry Review, Literary Hub, Bookforum, Partisan, Rumpus, Critical Mass, and The New York Times Book Review.

JT Bushnell
JT’s essay titled This Is Your Brain on Fear: Trauma and Storytelling, was featured in Poets and Writers magazine for their May/June issue.

Neil Davison
Neil Davison, along with co-researchers Vincent Altman O’Connor and Yvonne Altman O’Connor, published a collaborative piece “‘Altman the Saltman’ and Joyce’s Dublin: New Research on the Irish-Jewish Influences in Ulysses” in the Dublin James Joyce Journal, vol. 1. nos. 6/7, (2013-14) in the spring of 2015. This article contains groundbreaking research on a heretofore unknown Dublin political figure who influenced Joyce’s construction of Bloom as a liberal, left-leaning Irish Jew. Funded by SWLF travel support, in June of last year Davison travelled to the University of Tulsa’s McFarlin Library Special Collections Joyce Archive, where he read Joyce’s brother Stanislaus’ Trieste Diary, a document that, under legal restraints from his estate, does not circulate and cannot be photocopied. Davison has just completed a piece entitled “‘Ivy Day”: Arendt’s Race Societies, Dublin Municipal Politics, and Joyce’s Colonial Irish Jew,” in which he makes use of these archival materials. In March 2016, Davison traveled to Cambridge, MA, where he participated in an American Comparative Literature Conference seminar entitled ”Caribbean/Jewish Intersections in (Post) Colonial Literary and Print Cultures,” in which he delivered a paper entitled “Caryl Philips’ Post-Holocaust/Decolonized Interstices.”

Lisa Ede
Lisa Ede gave two talks at the 2015 Feminisms and Rhetorics conference in Tempe, Arizona: “How to Get a Non-Academic Position: On Serendipity—Personal, Professional, and Intellectual” and “An Intergenerational Reflection on Feminist Praxes in Writing Research.” With coauthors Michal Brody, Beverly Moss, Andrea Lunsford, Carole Clark Papper, and Keith Walters, Ede published the second edition of Everyone’s An Author (Norton, 2016).

Jeff Fearnside
Jeff Fearnside was recipient of a 2015 Individual Artist Fellowship award from the Oregon Arts Commission. Publications included poetry in The Fourth River, About Place Journal, Soul-Lit, Assisi, Elohi Gadugi Journal, and Kudzu House Quarterly. Additionally, his fiction appeared in Story and Pacific Review. His short-story collection Making Love While Levitating Three Feet in the Air: And Other Stories of Flight was named a finalist for the Permafrost 2015 Book Prize in Fiction and accepted for publication by the Stephen F. Austin State University Press; it is scheduled for release in 2016.

Evan Gottlieb
Evan Gottlieb published a chapter, “Samuel Johnson and London,” in Home and Nation in British Literature from the English to the French Revolutions, edited by A.D. Cousins and Geoffrey Payne (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015), 141-153. He published a short piece, “Assimilation, Hybridity, and Identity: A Visitor during Indyref [the 2014 referendum on Scottish Independence]” in Studies in Scottish Literature (2016): 34-37. A book review he wrote on “An Empire of Air and Water: Uncolonizable Space in the British Imagination, 1750-1830” by Siobhan Carroll, is forthcoming this summer in Modern Philology 114.1. Last May (2015), he gave an invited talk (via Skype) on “William Wordsworth, Contemporary Philosopher” to an audience at the Wordsworth Trust is Grasmere, UK, as part of their new “Wordsworth Online” series. In July (2015), he gave a talk, “The Romance of Reality: British Romanticism and Speculative Realism,” at the annual conference of the North American Society for the Study of Romanticism (NASSR) in Winnipeg. He chaired two sessions at the Modern Language Association’s annual conference in Austin, TX in January 2016: “The Scottish Fetish: Beyond the Kilt” and “Globalization and Romanticism in Theory and Practice.”

Kristin Griffin
Kristin Griffin was the recipient of a food-writer-in-residence scholarship at the Noepe Center for Literary Arts in a new partnership with the FARM Institute, a 160-acre teaching farm on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. She spent mornings volunteering on the farm and afternoons writing. An essay about her experience at the farm is forthcoming this summer in Edible Vineyard.

Wayne Harrison
Wayne Harrison’s short story collection Wrench was a finalist for the St. Lawrence Book Award and will be published by Black Lawrence Press. His short story “Charity” was chosen by McSweeney’s to be anthologized in an audio version with this spring.

Anita Helle
Anita Helle presented a paper at the Modernist Studies Association annual meeting 2015 on the legacy of Jane Marcus and Virginia Woolf criticism.  She also presented at the American Literature Association Conference on teaching Kate Chopin through the lens of transnational literacies. In December, Helle completed a five-year term as Director of the School of Writing, Literature, and Film.

Karen Holmberg
Karen Holmberg published a 42 page hybrid prose/poetry excerpt from her current project, Herb Trinity, in At Length magazine: Three of her poems also appear in the Fall 2015 issue of Poetry East. She read with MFA poetry colleague and friend Jennifer Richter in the Poets on Broadway Series in Portland on April 25th.

Sara Jameson
Sara Jameson, promoted to Senior Instructor II last spring, has continued work with online instruction theory and practice by chairing the Faculty Senate Online Education Committee, which is working on a number of projects including observations for online instruction and Open Educational Resources. Jameson presented with a panel at the April Ecampus Faculty Forum on the Quality Matters© certification received for her online WR 449 Critical Reviewing course. That course is now showcased as a model of QM certified courses from OSU’s Ecampus. Jameson’s 2015 Vice Provost Award for Excellence for University Outreach & Engagement, Online Teaching Innovation: Credit Based, will be used to set up a SWLF video production area to enrich our Ecampus classes. Meanwhile, she will also update the Instructor Manual for Lisa Ede’s new edition (4th) of her textbook The Academic Writer. Jameson is retiring in July after being with SWLF since 2002.

Tim Jensen
Tim Jensen recently published “Social Movement Names and Global Frames” in Rhetorics of Names and Naming and presented “Rethinking Burke in an Age of Environmental Guilt” at this year’s Rhetoric Society of American conference. Jensen will be a fellow in residence at the Cabin at Shotpouch Creek this summer, as an affiliated faculty with the Environmental Arts and Humanities program.

John Larison
John Larison’s latest novel, Whisky When We’re Dry, a literary Western set in 1885, was bought by Viking for publication in 2017. The paperback will be published by Penguin.

Christina León
Christina León gave two talks at the 2016 Modern Language Association Conference in Austin: “Inviting Death: Polvo, SIDA, and Queer Relationality in the work of Manuel Ramos Otero” and “Opaque Desires.” She presented “The Miseries of Transparency or the Textured Resistances of Opacity” and “The (Re)production of Misery and the Ways of Resistance” at the American Studies Association Conference in Toronto. She was elected to the Executive Council for the Transdisciplinary Connections (TC) Gender and Women’s Studies Forum for the Modern Language Association and gave an invited talk on “Lingering in Latinidad” at UC Berkeley alongside co-editor Joshua Guzmán and artist Xandra Ibarra (also known as La Chica Boom) at the Center for Race and Gender. In addition, León co-edited the first special issue of Women and Performance: a journal of feminist theory dedicated to Latina/o Studies entitled “Lingering in Latinidad: Aesthetics, Theory, and Performance” with a co-written Introduction entitled “Cuts and Impressions: the Aesthetic Work of Lingering in Latinidad” forthcoming this spring. On-campus events organized include “Latinidad and Morrissey: Music that Crosses Borders and Oceans” featuring the creative non-fiction work of OSU MFA Abbie Amabisca as well as queer, Latino scholar Dr. Iván Ramos and a Critical Questions Lecture by Professor Licia Fiol-Matta entitled “A Queer Singer for the Nation: Voice, Gender, and Politics in Chavela Vargas.”

Jon Lewis
Jon Lewis was named Distinguished Professor of Film Studies in the spring of 2015. Over the past twelve months, Lewis has published Behind the Silver Screen: Producers (Rutgers University Press and I.B. Tauris), the sixth volume in his ten book series on the history of industry “craft” labor. He published the essay “The Black Dahlia: A Los Angeles Slideshow,” in Contrapasso and was interviewed for AcaMedia as part of the Cinema Journal classic essay series, under the title “How the Blacklist Saved Hollywood.” In the late spring of 2015, Lewis delivered “Disney’s World Cup: ESPN and the Un-Americanization of Global Football” to the Society for Cinema Studies in Montreal, Canada.

Raymond Malewitz
Raymond Malewitz was appointed MA Director of SWLF this year. In addition to his work with the graduate program, he published an article entitled “Climate-Change Infrastructure and the Volatilization of Contemporary American Regionalism” in a special issue of Modern Fiction Studies and “‘Some new dimension devoid of hip and bone’: Remediated Bodies and Digital Posthumanism in Gary Shteyngart’s Super Sad True Love Story” in Arizona Quarterly.  He also delivered talks at the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts conference in Houston, TX and the American Comparative Literature Association Conference in Cambridge, MA. Finally, he served as academic coordinator of “The CO” OSU Maker Festival Symposium on “STEM to STEAM Education,” which took place in early April and included U.S. Representative Suzanne Bonamici as a speaker.

Rebecca Olson
Rebecca Olson was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in September, and was the recipient of a 2015 CLA Research Award. With Tara Williams, she wrote the column “When Two Heads Really Are Better Than One,” published in The Chronicle of Higher Education. Olson presented papers drawn from her book-in-progress at the Shakespeare Association of America annual meeting  (Vancouver, B.C.) and the Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association conference (Portland). She was also the first speaker in the OSU Special Collections and Archives Research Center’s new series, “Collections at the Center,” and, with Allison Hurst (Assistant Professor, Sociology) organized “Our Stories,” a first-generation faculty/student event. She was recently inducted into the Seaside High School Hall of Fame.

Elena Passarello
Elena Passarello published essays in three nonfiction anthologies, Cat Is Art Spelled Wrong (Coffeehouse Press), I’ll Tell You Mine (U. of Chicago Press), and After Montaigne (UGA Press). She joined the board of the NonfictionNow International Conference, signed on as essay editor of Iron Horse Review, and created a new nonfiction series for University of West Virginia Press, called In Place, which she will co-edit. Passarello read from her work at venues in Arizona, California, Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota, New York, Washington, and around Oregon. In March, she won the 2015 Whiting Award in Nonfiction.

Ehren Helmut Pflugfelder
Ehren Helmut Pflugfelder has been busy on a number of research projects, delivering a complete manuscript of his monograph, Communicating Technology and Mobility: A Material Rhetoric for Transportation, to Ashgate Press’s series Studies in Technical Communication, Rhetoric, and Culture. The book is due to be published in 2016. He also published “Rhetoric’s New Materialism: from Micro-Rhetoric to Microbrews” in Rhetoric Society Quarterly and had “Explain Like I’m Five: Technical Descriptions in the Wild” accepted for a special issue of Technical Communication Quarterly. Ehren has had two book chapters accepted for publication: “The Role of Metis in Revising Automotive Recall Letters,” for the collection Posthuman Praxis in Technical Communication, and “Rhetorical Methodologies for Experience Architecture: Design Studies and Techne,” for the collection Rhetoric and Experience Architecture. Ehren has recently given talks entitled “The Kinetic Energy of Agency: Understanding Rhetoric through Kinesis” at the Western States Rhetoric and Literacy Conference, and “Technical Writing in the Wild: redditing and Writing,” at the Conference on College Composition and Communication. Along with Ray Malewitz, he attended the week-long workshop “Digitization Fundamentals and their Application” at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute, a trip that was funded by a L. L. Stewart Curriculum Development grant. Along with being named as Affiliated Faculty for the new MA in Environmental Arts and Humanities, Ehren, along with Colin Hesse, completed a proposal for a new undergraduate certificate in Scientific, Technical, and Professional Communication, which is pending approval. Finally, the journal that Ehren is a co-Managing Editor for, Present Tense: A Journal of Rhetoric in Society, published issues 5.1 and 5.2, including a special issue on Race, Rhetoric, and the State.

Jennifer Richter
Jennifer Richter’s second poetry collection, No Acute Distress, was named a Crab Orchard Series in Poetry Editor’s Selection and was released in March. She was invited to be one of four featured readers in the onsite “Crab Orchard Series in Poetry Reading” at the annual Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) conference in Los Angeles, where her press officially launched No Acute Distress. She has spent the year developing an internship opportunity for graduate students at Oak Creek Youth Correctional Facility in Albany; two MFA students will begin teaching there this spring.  Starting Spring term, Richter will become the Outreach and Internship Coordinator for SWLF.

David Robinson
David Robinson published “Emerson, The Indian Brahmo Samaj, and the American Reception of Gandhi” in A Power to Translate the World: New Essays on Emerson and International Culture from Dartmouth College Press. His article “The Movement’s Medium: Emerson, Fuller, and the Dial” appeared in Revue Française d¹Études Américaines’ special issue on American Transcendentalism. In addition, he published “The ‘New Thinking’: Nature, Self, and Society, 1836-1850” in Mr. Emerson’s Revolution from Open Book Publishers. Recent conference presentations include: “Virgie Rainey’s Uncertain Exit” at South Central MLA in Nashville, “‘Perishing Republic’: Margaret Fuller, Rome, and the American Democracy”at the American Literature Association Symposium on “The City in American Literature” in New Orleans, “Wonder from the Abyss: Emerson’s Transparency and Eliot’s Rose Garden” at the Power of the Word International Conference IV in Rome, and “Poe, Poe, Poe . . . Revisiting Daniel Hoffman’s Seven Poes” at the Fourth International Edgar Allan Poe Conference in New York. Robinson was invited to visit undergraduate and graduate classes, and present a public lecture on “The New Emerson” at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin, in Odessa, Texas.

Stephen Rust
Stephen Rust was lead editor on the book, Ecomedia: Key Issues, published in September 2015 by Routledge Press. His article, “Seeing What’s Right in Front of You: Teaching Climate Change Cinema” will appear in the volume, Teaching Climate Change in the Humanities to be published summer, 2016. Stephen was also elected to serve a three-year term on the Executive Council for the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment.

Marjorie Sandor
Marjorie Sandor published two new essays on music and literature in Opera News: “Listening to The Hebrides: A Journey to Staffa,” (July 2015) and “A Little Art Upon the Blood” about Verdi’s Otello (September 2015). A two-part podcast, “The Uncanny Listener,” based on her new anthology, The Uncanny Reader and featuring the voices of several SWLF faculty and original music by former creative writing graduate student Patrick “Jay” Clarke, can be heard on

Vicki Tolar Burton
Vicki Tolar Burton collaborated with three WIC colleagues in the School of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (including Tracy Ann Robinson, English MA 2006) on an article, “Capstone Design as an Individual Writing Experience,” published in the International Journal of Engineering Education in Fall, 2015.  Tolar Burton’s conference presentation were “The Rhetoric of Witnessing: Anti-Slave Trade Testimony in The Life of Silas Told,” International Society for the History of Rhetoric, Tubingen, Germany, August, 2015; “Resilience and Mindfulness for Caregivers” OSU Gerontology Conference, March, 2016; and “Spiritual Climate Change at a Land Grant University: Marcus Borg’s Rhetorical Legacy,” Conference on College Composition and Communication, April, 2016. She also serves on the steering committee for OSU’s new Contemplative Studies Initiative, whose goal is to design an undergraduate certificate in Contemplative Studies.

Megan Ward
Megan Ward traveled to the UK for the beta launch of Livingstone Online, a digital archive of the Victorian explorer David Livingstone. She and her collaborators gave talks at the National Library of Scotland (Edinburgh) and the British Library (London). She continued to transcribe manuscripts and write essays for Livingstone Online, including analyzing spectral images of Livingstone’s 1870 field diary. She published a short piece, “Theorizing the Historical Middle,” in V21 Collective: Victorian Studies for the Twenty-First Century (

Robert Wess
Robert Wess (Emeritus Faculty) published “Burke’s Counter-Nature: Posthumanism in the Anthropocene” in Ambiguous Bodies: Burke and Posthumanism edited by Chris Mays, Nathaniel Rivers, and Kellie Sharp-Hoskins, forthcoming from Penn State University Press.

Tara Williams
Tara Williams presented “Moral Chaucer and Magical Gower” at the Biennial London Chaucer Conference at the University of London in July 2015. She also organized a session on “The Uses of Magic in Middle English Literature” for the International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalmazoo, MI in May 2015.  She is currently serving terms as the president of the executive committee for the MLA Forum on Language Change and an advisory board member for the Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship.  She and Rebecca Olson co-wrote a column about their collaborative teaching and writing experiences, “When Two Heads Really Are Better Than One,” that appeared in The Chronicle of Higher Education (  

Mila Zuo
Mila Zuo joined SWLF as an Assistant Professor of Film in Fall ’15 and began teaching a combination of world cinema survey courses and special topics in film. Her article analyzing China’s first commercial film about HIV/AIDS was published in the Journal of Chinese Cinemas, and her short narrative film Carnal Orient premiered at Slamdance Film Festival. Since then, her film has been selected for several other international film festivals. Now she’s working on her book manuscript on Chinese female stars, two chapters for upcoming anthologies on Asian cinemas, and several conference presentations.