Annual Scholarship Award Recipients:

Sigurd H. Peterson Scholarship:

Rachel Vega

Sigurd H. Peterson Scholarship:
Sarah Berge

May Holaday Murray Scholarship:
Eric Callahan

Clare Raleigh Dickinson Scholarship:
Adrienne Engle

Bernard Malamud Scholarship:
Devin Curtis

Bernard Malamud Scholarship:
Ethan Heusser

Mary Jo Bailey Scholarship:
Monica Anderson

Irwin C. Harris Legacy Scholarship:
Abagail Erickson

Essay Awards Recipients:

Graduate Essay:
Steven Moore

Schwartz Essay:
Roberta Lavadour

WIC Culture of Writing Award:
Alexandra Krueger

Smith/Norris Essay:
S.M. Daphne Nesbitt

Weaver Poetry Award:
Gwendolyn Mauroner

The Lisa Ede Award:
Wesley Snyder

The Joyce Carol Oates Awards:

Fiction: Lacey Rowland

Nonfiction: Erica Trabold

Poetry: Hannah Kroonblawd

CLA Outstanding Senior:
Shanna Killeen

CLA Outstanding Senior:
Gwen Mauroner

A Gift of Shakespeare
Michelle Miller

Thank you to our generous donors and supporters who make these awards and scholarships available to our students every year.

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