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Please Note:

  • Courses taken to satisfy major requirements may not be taken for an S/U grade.

  • Undergraduate English majors must attain proficiency in a foreign language, as certified by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, equivalent to that assumed at the end of the second-year language course.

  • Courses can be taken in any order, though some upper division courses may require a prerequisite course.

  • At least ONE upper division course must be a Writing Intensive Course (WIC).
  • For a list of upper division ENG and WR courses that can be used as Electives go to Course Descriptions.

  • For questions about course requirements and qualifying classes please contact Steve Kunert.

Classification of Upper-Division Courses for English Majors:

ENG 412 Studies in British Theater and Society
ENG 417 The English Novel
ENG 425 Studies in Medieval Literature
ENG 426 Studies in Chaucer
ENG 429 Studies in Early Modern Literature
ENG 430 Studies in Seventeenth-Century Literature
ENG 433 Studies in the Long Eighteenth Century
ENG 435 Studies in Shakespeare
ENG 490 History of the English Language

ENG 317, 318, 319 The American Novel
ENG 320 Studies in Page, Stage and Screen
ENG 321 Studies in Word, Object and Image
ENG 322 Studies in Globalism, Text and Event
ENG 330 The Holocaust in Literature and Film
ENG 355 Continental European Literature: Nineteenth Century
ENG 356 Continental European Literature: Twentieth/Twenty-First Century
ENG 360 Native American Literature
ENG 362 American Women Writers
ENG 374 The Modern Short Story
ENG 375 Children’s Literature
ENG 418, 419 The English Novel
ENG 434 Studies in Romanticism
ENG 436 Studies in Victorian Literature
ENG 438 Studies in Modernism
ENG 440 Studies in Modern Irish Literature
ENG 450 Studies in Short Fiction
FILM 452 Studies in Film (WIC)
ENG 457, 458 Comparative Literature: Colonialism/Postcolonialism
ENG 482 Studies in American Literature, Culture, and the Environment
ENG 485 Studies in American Literature (WIC)
ENG 489 Writing, Literature and Medicine
ENG 495 Language, Technology, and Culture


Course Classified by Term According to Date of Materials Studies:
ENG 311, 312, 313 Studies in British Prose/Drama/Poetry (WIC)
ENG 399 Selected Topics
ENG 401, 402, 403, 404, 405, 406, 407 Research, Independent Study, Thesis, etc.
ENG 416 Power and Representation
ENG 445 Studies in Non-Fiction (WIC)
ENG 454 Major Authors
ENG 460 Studies in Drama
ENG 465 Studies in the Novel
ENG 470 Studies in Poetry (WIC)
ENG 475 Studies in Criticism
ENG 480 Studies in Literature, Culture, and Society
ENG 486 Studies in British Literature
ENG 497 International Women's Voices
ENG 498 Women and Literature