Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

The M.A.I.S is an interdisciplinary degree that offers students their choice of three separate areas of study. Many students have successfully integrated language and culture study in French, German or Spanish with other fields such as adult education or public health. See the OSU catalog link below for a complete list of participating programs.

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Program Tabs

Graduate Electives: 

There are two options under the program:

Option A: Thesis option. The thesis must coordinate work in the three fields. The requirement is 6 to 9 credits of Thesis 503. The thesis advisor must be a member of the graduate faculty authorized to direct theses.

Option B: Research paper option. The research paper must integrate work from at least two of the three fields. The requirement is 4 to 7 credits, registered as Research 501, Reading and Conference 505, or Projects 506.