4-Year Graduation Guarantee FAQs

Q: What do I need to do to earn a degree in 4 years from the College of Liberal Arts? 

A:  You must:

  1. Declare your major in CLA by the end of the first quarter of freshman year.
  2. Meet at least twice yearly with a CLA advisor and follow their recommendations.
  3. Complete and pass 45 or more credit hours per academic year as part of meeting the degree and college requirements in your chosen CLA major.
  4. Meet your financial obligations to OSU, so you are able to register for classes on time. 

Q:  Are there placement tests I will have to pass to qualify for 4-Year Graduation Guarantee? 
A: While all students are required to take our Math placement test, those results will not impact your enrollment in this program. If you are planning to pursue a major in a language such as Spanish, German or French, you will need to take a placement exam to qualify for this program. See our major-specific plans for requirements.  

Q: Do transfer students qualify for the program? 
A: Only four-year students who start college at OSU in the College of Liberal Arts qualify for this program. 

Q: Can I graduate in fewer than four years without penalty? 
A: Yes. This program is intended to guarantee graduation within four years, but does not penalize students who take extra classes or summer classes in order to graduate earlier. 

Q: How do I enroll in the program? 
A: All students who go through orientation with the College of Liberal Arts will be automatically enrolled in the program.  Students at risk of disqualifying themselves will be contacted by email to inform them as to what they need to do to stay in good standing in the program. 

Q: Do I need to sign a contract to enroll in this program? 
A: All 4-Year Graduation Guarantee students will sign a contract as part of the orientation program. 

Q: Are all majors offered by the College of Liberal Arts eligible for this program? 
A:  Yes. 

Q:  What if I want to do more than one major and/or add a minor? 
A:  While adding a major and/or minor will not disqualify you for this program, the College of Liberal Arts cannot guarantee 4-year graduation for double or triple majors.  Many of our minors can be completed within four years. 

Q: Can I still study abroad and graduate in four years?  
A: Absolutely, but all students should meet with their adviser prior to study abroad to confirm the courses that need to be taken during their time in their study abroad program.  Some programs, like our language majors, will require study abroad. 

Q: How will I know my standing in the program?  Will the college be in communication with me? 

A:  You will receive yearly communication confirming your continued eligibility in the program, including those in majors with additional requirements. Students at risk of losing their eligibility will be contacted a minimum of one term prior to their removal from the program. 

Q: What are some reasons a student would be disqualified?
A: A student would be disqualified when either failing to pass courses and/or failing to complete 45 credits per year. Each major may have additional qualifiers so 4-year plans should be read carefully to make sure all requirements are clear. 

Q:  What happens if a class I need is unavailable?
A: Advisers will work with you to find a suitable replacement that term.