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Four-Year Degree Guarantee

(En Español)

To be eligible for the College of Liberal Arts’ Four-Year Degree Guarantee, I must:

1.      Declare a College of Liberal Arts (CLA) major by the end of Fall Term of my freshman year;

2.      Adhere to the Degree Map provided by the college for my major, registering for and successfully completing all required courses/credits as specified for each academic term and year;

3.      Meet with my assigned academic adviser at least two times each academic year;

4.      Enroll in and successfully complete 15 credits per term as approved by my adviser; (I understand that some required courses may not be available the specific times, days, or terms I prefer);

5.      Track my own progress through MyDegrees (the university's degree completion checklist) and use the Degree Map for my major while actively seeking guidance from my designated academic adviser;

6.      Maintain good academic standing;

7.      Register within one day of my assigned registration date each term. (I understand this requires that I remain in good financial standing with the university by keeping my billing account for all charges, including tuition and fees, paid and current.)

8.      If a required class for my major is unavailable and/or I am unable to access it, I will communicate immediately with my adviser to find viable substitutions or options that allow me to remain on my four-year degree track. I will do so by submitting the online “Unavailable Course” form to my adviser within two days of my assigned registration date.

a.      A course is considered “unavailable” if:

         i.     it has been cancelled;

         ii.    it conflicts with another required course for the major;

         iii.   it is full at the time of registration.

b.     When a course is deemed “unavailable” the college and/or school offering my major will either substitute a different course and/or allow for an independent study arrangement that generates an equivalent learning experience and the required academic credit;

c.      If the college or school is unable to find an appropriate substitute, leaving me with unfilled requirements at the end of my four years, the College of Liberal Arts will pay the current OSU in-state tuition for any remaining courses necessary for the completion of my designated degree.

9.      Submit my graduation application by the posted deadline.

I acknowledge, understand, and accept the conditions and responsibilities of the College of Liberal Arts’ Four-Year Degree guarantee as they are described herein.

Name: ______________________________

Major: ______________________________

Date: _______________________________

Adviser: _____________________________

*Students who declare Graphic Design understand that their eligibility for the Four-Year Degree Guarantee depends upon their advancement to the major after their first year.