Meeting with an advisor

Schedule an appointment, read through the information provided, and follow the prompts to complete your appointment request.  If you no-show for an appointment, you must wait one week before rescheduling.  If you are 5+ minutes late, you are considered a no-show.

Schedule an appointment with an advisor

Students should meet at least once a year with an advisor to go over their academic progress while attending the university. Your MAST advisor will collaborate with you on all things related to your MAST major or minor. Think of the MAST advisor as the expert of the major or minor. You can speak with an academic advisor about any opportunities, issues or problems you face as a student. Advisors will not share what is discussed with your parents, family or friends (not even if they’re paying for you to be at OSU), in part because it’s against the law to do so (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act - FERPA). 

During the advising appointment, the advisor will review your progress and help you navigate your future classes, so plan ahead when scheduling your appointment with an advisor.

Contact MAST Advising

Cynthia Leonard
300 Strand Ag Hall

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