Benita Blessing – Instructor, School of Language, Culture, and Society. My research and teaching (in-person, online, and now remote!) reflect my interdisciplinary training: history, gender and generational studies, language/literature/culture, media, and education. I am particularly interested in creating interactive assignments for synchronous and asynchronous coursework, and designing Canvas sites that students and instructors can navigate easily.

Liddy Detar - Senior Instructor and Academic Advisor, College of Liberal Arts & School of Writing, Literature, and Film. I teach online courses in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, in Literature and Writing. My approach draws on asynchronous classroom models inspired by studies in Free Choice Learning. My pedagogy emphasizes inclusive, equitable, and student-directed learning. I offer designs in creative course assignments and outcomes, practices for enacting citizenship, and strategies for collaborative, community-based engagement in online spaces.

Gilad Elbom - Senior instructor, School of Writing, Literature, and Film. Online teaching pedagogy: textual, flexible, self-paced, asynchronous. Online teaching experience: writing and literature classes (ENG 104, ENG 106, ENG 213, ENG 275, ENG 317, ENG 318, ENG 319, WR 222, WR 224).

Katherine Hubler - Senior instructor and Ecampus coordinator for the School of History, Philosophy, and Religion.  My online teaching includes intro-level surveys, WIC research seminars, and Honors colloquia.  I specialize in creative discussion board assignments, adapting emotionally-difficult subject matter to an online format, facilitating remote research papers, and digital projects.