Schedule an appointment early in each term, we recommend by Halloween, Valentines Day and May Day, in order to receive advising before your registration window begins.

Prior to the meeting, ask yourself what your goals are (graduating on time, getting a certain kind of internship, holding a leadership position, being admitted to graduate school, etc.).

If you are uncertain about your goals, ask questions. Your advisor can tell you what kinds of internships are available, let you know about clubs and organizations that exist for your major, and give you insights on different ways to explore your field of study.

Review the schedule of classes or catalog before your appointment to give you an idea of what's being offered the next term.

Know your time limitations and be realistic in planning; take into account work schedules, athletic practice, campus involvements -- or maybe just the fact that you're not a morning person.

Do not expect an advisor to have all the answers. Do expect that your advisor will assist you in finding the resources or contacts needed to answer your questions. Ultimately you are responsible for your education and your decisions here at OSU.

Have fun getting to know your advisor!