Welcome to Liberal Studies

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The Liberal Studies major allows students to design their own plan of study. This interdisciplinary approach provides greater breadth and flexibility than is available in other major programs. Of the hundreds of Liberal Studies majors, no two students take the exact same course load, which means that every Liberal Studies major is unique.

Students mix and match courses from any combination of disciplines in the College of Liberal Arts to design their own major organized around a theme. The theme needs to be intentional because it is the central focus of the coursework that comprises the Liberal Studies Major.

Students in Liberal Studies receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for a variety of experiences and careers. Liberal Studies introduces students to diverse subject matter. In addition to this breadth of new knowledge, students will develop communication skills and the ability to think critically. Graduates who can think analytically and communicate effectively are in demand everywhere in today's job market.

Graduates of the OSU Liberal Studies program have careers in many fields. Our majors have gone on to become attorneys, business entrepreneurs, writers, school teachers, actors, nurses, graphic designers, and administrators. They work in fields as diverse as marketing, public relations, personnel, government, retail, radio/TV, publishing, computer hardware and software, business, and industry. A Liberal Studies program experience can also be a springboard for certain graduate degrees. 

If you are interested in declaring a Liberal Studies major, please contact the College of Liberal Arts advising office, 541-737-0561 and schedule an appointment to speak with an academic advisor.  There is further information about designing an LS plan of study on the Liberal Studies Major page on this site.