Image of hands holding an empty bowl

14th Annual Empty Bowls Benefit

OSU's 14th Annual Empty Bowls Benefit

"Across Enemy Lines": looking at homosocial relationships among RC airmen

WGSS Master's students Devon Graham is using queer theory and critical history to understand homosocial friendships and how they inform masculinity and maintain empire.

Disrupting power imbalances by bridging non-binary knowledges

WGSS Master's student Gabrielle Miller is exploring how solidarity and collectivism between mixed-race folk could help recover hidden knowledges.

Buddy Terry showing peace sign

The Buddy Terry Story - An Education Journey

Perhaps the most intimidating realization for any young person, who has made the decision to pursue secondary education, even if they manage to qualify for financial aid, is that in the near future they will be assuming an abundance of student loan debt.

WGSS Master's student researches on Yoruba women's reproductive rights

Odadejo is exploring how Nigeria's bride price tradition affects Yoruba women’s bodily autonomy.

"Activism is in the conversations we have everyday," says WGSS scholar Rebecca Lambert

Lambert's research focuses on the effect of emotions on feminist anti-racist activism and coalition work.

ADAM Audio presentation at OSU in June, 2019

Experiential learning with industry pros

A truly compelling mix might take hundreds of hours

Fifth Annual Graduate Conference in Environmental Arts and Humanities

Students from the Pacific Northwest share their scholarship.