At Oregon State University, students from all undergraduate colleges on campus apply to law school and are successfully admitted.   The typical student has a 3.23 GPA and receives about a 153 on the LSAT.  More males apply to law school than females (61% versus 39%) and this statistic is opposite of what you will find in most law school entering classes.  Women comprise the majority of most law schools these days. 

Approximately 63% of students that apply are admitted to a law school and these students tend to have at least a 3.3 GPA and obtain a 156 or higher on the LSAT.   The majority of applicants come from the College of Liberal Arts, followed by the Colleges of Business and Science.  The five most common majors for applicants from Oregon State University are political science, history, sociology, psychology, and business administration.

Anticipated Timeline for a 4 year academic plan 

First and Second Years:

  • Choose a balanced, diversified, challenging, and interesting course of study; especially classes that encourage logical reasoning and good writing skills overall
  • Try to develop personal relationships with one or two faculty members who may provide future letters of recommendation
  • Excel in classes and try to build an outstanding undergraduate record and grade point average
  • Participate in extracurricular activities, volunteer opportunities, and school-related internships that can build skills   

Third Year:

  • Explore the legal field
  • Obtain the LSAT and LSDAS Registration and Information booklet from CLA Advising, Political Science Department, or Career Services
  • Register with the LSDAS
  • Order unofficial transcripts and review for any discrepancies
  • Start requesting letters of recommendation
  • Start investigating law schools and reviewing admissions materials
  • Begin writing personal statement
  • Allow 4-6 weeks to prepare for the LSAT 

Fall/Winter Fourth Year:

  • Take the October LSAT; receive LSAT score 2-3 weeks after the test
  • Review law school choices in light of LSAT score
  • Register for Feb. LSAT if necessary
  • Order official transcripts
  • Finalize personal statement
  • Request financial aid information from law schools

Winter/Spring Fourth Year:

  • Take the Feb. LSAT if necessary
  • Contact law schools to see if applications are complete
  • Evaluate admissions offers
  • Thank letter writers and inform them of plans

OSU Pre-law summary statistics